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  • Public Auction - Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction June 2020    3

Public Auction Bowdon December 2019. 361: Catalogue

Monday 30th of December 2019 ,14:00:00 Bowdon Hotel Langham Rd, Bowdon, Altrincham WA14 2HT

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:

Collection on leaves with some used fine used sets including 1920 ovpts set to 1m (missing 25pf), 1920 second ovpt to 4m (cat £60)1925 Madonna set (cat £47), 1927 Welfare 50c + 50c f.u., 1932 Air 5f brown (trimmed perfs cat £160), 1920 surch set 3 used (cat £59), 1921 25m used (cat £130), 1921 to 5fr surcharges (cat £120), 1922 set to 5f brown used (cat £125), 1933 Explosion Disaster set 3 used (cat £273), 1934 Xmas charity to 1f used (cat £180), etc, useful lot, mainly fine. Cat £1275


Collection on stockpages with useful mainly mint sets and issues noted 1920 80pf (Cat £300), 1921 to 5m, 1929 Christmas Charity set mint (cat £120), 1933 Disaster set 3 m (Cat £146), 1948 air 200f red both m & u (Cat £106), 1948 Flood Disaster set m, 1949 Horse Day set, 1949 Relief Fund set U/M (Cat £150), 1950 Stamp Day mint (Cat £120), 1950 Fund set m, 1952 to 500f m, etc, huge cat value £1900+.


1927 2/6 grey and red on yellow hinged mint showing broken mainmast variety, corner crease otherwise sound & fine clear variety, SG 109a Cat £450.

LOT564 Saint Lucia

A useful collection QV to modern jumbled on a few leaves mint and used with better content including QV 1882 to 1s, 1886 to 4d mint, to 1s used, EDVII to ½d to 1s, GV to 1s mint, 1936 to 2/6 mint, 1938 set to 10s mint, useful lot for sorting out.

LOT565 Saint Vincent

A useful collection QV to modern jumbled on leaves mint and used with better content including QV to 1s m & u, 1899 to 5d, 1907-09 to 3d, 1913 to 1s, 1938 to £1 mint, then a large run of commems to 1979 incl vals to $10 etc, useful lot for sorting out.

LOT566 Samoa

1922 (9 Jan) Victory set of 1920 tied to registered philatelic cover sent locally in Apia with No.1771 regd etiquette (faults) with each stamp tied APIA 9 JAN CDS cancels, pretty cover.

LOT567 Samoa

Postal History collection of many interesting on leaves in display pockets noted 1923 (27 Sep) Victory set of 1920 tied to philatelic cover sent locally in Apia, 1921 Native Hut defins on two 1936 covers, 1939 25th Anniv. set on official illus FDC, 1935 SJ sets, 1935 Pictorial Stamp Issue illus covers for each value mainly to NZ, 1960s Paquebot cachets, 1979 Wallis & Futuna experimental flight signed pilot (7), 1970-71 Birds, etc, nice assembly, approx 70.

LOT568 Saudi Arabia

Nejdi Occupation of Hejaz: 1925 Nice assembly of Railway Tax stamps each with different coloured overprints (9 different) incl 1pi blue (5), 2pi orange (3), 3pi lilac mainly mint Cat £450, then smaller range of Meccan Arms overprinted 1925 etc, useful, (34). STC £800+.

LOT569 Seychelles

1890-1900 QV 1890 13c, 1897 36c, EDVII surcharges 3c on 18c & 3c on 45c mounted mint with SPECIMEN overprint in black, two types of overprint fine, SG 5s, 32s, 58s/59s.

LOT570 Singapore

1966-1973 First Day covers collection of official unaddressed covers mainly with commem sets, 1969 ASEAN setenant strip from miniature sheet, 1969 defins to $10, 1970 OSAKA setenant blk of 4 (2 diff pmks), 1971 Satellite, etc, mainly sound (46).

LOT571 Singapore

1971-79 Small binder with thirty eight first day covers includes Satellite Earth Station with block of four 30c, Children's Art and Postal Codes.

LOT572 Singapore

Mint and used collection on leaves with useful content jumbled on leaves includes 1948 P.14 $5 unmounted mint (cat £110 mint), P.17½ x 18 $2 green and scarlet unmounted mint (cat £90), 1948 RSW set used (cat £50), set U/M (toned cat £110), 1955 $1 & $2 u/m, 1968$2, $5 & $10 mint (cat £55), Festival M/S used, plus good range of modern used commems, good cat value £400+.

LOT573 Slovenia

1941 Air pictorial 40d blue-green overprinted unmounted mint with expertising handstamp on reverse, SG 57, Cat £225.


A useful collection 1908 to modern jumbled on leaves mint and used with better content including 1956 to 2s, 1961 to £1 mint, 1966 to $2 on £1 mint, 1968 to $2, then a run of defins and commems to 1988, useful lot for sorting out.


1910 1a carmine hinged mint showing SUMALILAND for SOMALILAND variety, very fine, SG 26c Cat £130.

LOT576 South Africa

Range on a stockcard including 1926 6d Orange Tree pair used dumb cancels with watermark inverted variety. (SG 32w), 1927 1s blue and brown pair used violet cancel SG 36a (Cat £90), 4d brown vertical pair CDS used (SG 35b Cat £50), nice group.

LOT577 Spain

1851-1982 Enormous collection of used in a large KA-BE album pretty much complete from late 1950s to 1982, plus good earlies assembly from 1851 imperfs through to 1950s mint and used, huge qty, all different plus back of the book.

LOT578 Spain

1856-1874 Group of stamped mail (one prestamp), including entire letters, covers, wrappers noted 1874 5c & 10c letter re a flooded factory, 1856 Jaca to France, 1860s Barcelona to Paris with blue PP & 5c charge mark in black (3 other similar), 1866 with 4c red imperf (2 items one with double ring 2 CDS), etc. Very mixed but intr group, (13).

LOT579 Spain

1976-1996 An extensive unmounted mint stock in an enormous stock album with duplicated sets and ranges for many commem issues with up to 10 or 20 of each values, definitive issues to 500ptas, huge quantity with many thematics etc, 100s.

LOT580 Sudan

1897-1962 Mainly mint collection plus some covers on leaves with good range of sets and ranges noted 1897 overprint set used (Cat £100) plus 5m red P/S cards used to Germany, 1898 Arab Postmen to 5p mint (cat £120), 10p used, 1927 to 20p mint, 1931 Air ovpts in mint blks of 4, 1930 PPC to Prague, 1935 General Gordon set mint (cat £140), 1935 surcharges plus airmail cover underpaid so airmail etiquette is cancelled with a large black X handstamp, then back of the book SG perfins, plus diamond dotted cancels (4), Army Service, 1941 FPO 13 on cover to UK, etc, useful lot.

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