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  • Public Auction - Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction June 2020    3

Public Auction Bowdon December 2019. 361: Catalogue

Monday 30th of December 2019 ,14:00:00 Bowdon Hotel Langham Rd, Bowdon, Altrincham WA14 2HT

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT541 Norway

1877-1971 Mainly unmounted mint collection with high catalogue neatly arranged in a Lindner printed hingeless album well filed, noted 1870s Posthorns mainly used to 60o blue, 1878 Oscar set used, 1910 Haakon set 5 mint, 1925 Air Polar bear set part u/m, 1930 Tourist set m, 1940s onwards mainly unmounted mint, 1941 V overprint set u/m, 1944 onwards appears complete u/m, 1958 King Olav incl 5k purple u/m (cat £65), etc, ideal for expansion, enormous cat value STC £3400+.

LOT542 Norway

Collection of mainly used on various leaves with useful earlier noted 1867 4s & 8s, 1872 set of 6 to 7sk (Cat £415), many later to 1940s, some mixed but pickings.


River Colony Revenues: 1903 EDVII 6 different values 1s to £5 all used incl 10s, £1 & £5, all sound, Barefoot 107/8, 111. (6).

LOT544 Poland

1860 10k blue and rose sound used with sock on the nose 241 concentric circles cancel, one short corner otherwise fine, SG 1a.

LOT545 Poland

1917 Charity Poster stamps Na Biednych Polish Heroes set of 8 values issued to raise funds for the poor. Also 5 surcharged examples from 50f to 5mk (5 of 11 values), all mint, fine, hard to find. (13).

LOT546 Poland

1918-1980 Extensive collection in three Britannia home printed pages in display pockets neatly arranged used and cto collection well filled with dozens of thematics and sets, miniature sheets etc, attractive lot for expansion.

LOT547 Poland

1919-1990s A useful mint & used collection on Scott printed album pages with an attractive range of defins and commems from middle periods mint & used, later incl u/m sets, nice thematics, airmails, back of the book, all different etc, clean lot. (100s).

LOT548 Poland

1944-1964 Enormous collection of mint / unmounted mint sets for the period pretty much complete, plus good 1940s overprints for different agencies, 1945 surcharges set 2 mint, 1946 Liberation imperfs overprints, 1947 Musicians set, Tomb of Henry IV, 1948 Air President 100z & 120z mint (Cat £96), 1951 Warsaw M/S mint (Cat £32), 1953 Copernicus set 2 (Cat £34), 1954 2nd Rep. long set m (cat £34), 1955 Stamp Exhib. 2z M/S (Cat £35), plus much more, good lot to fill those gaps.


Macau: 1887 Fiscal stamp 40r on 20r green and brown fine used, usual rough perfs, SG 55 Cat £170.


Mint & used collection in a well filled stockbook with sets, part sets and many nice postmarks from earlier issues, Angola, Azores, Cape Verde, Guinea, Macau from 1880s with many nice postmarks, 1887 5r on 10r green and brown used (Cat £120), 40r on 20r (nick one side, cat £170), St Thomas & Principe, Funchal bisects, India from Crown defins with nice pmks, etc, intr lot.


Useful collections on Scott printed leaves including country sections for Angola incl postage dues, postal tax, Azores, Cape Verde, Macau from 1880s to 100r lilac, 5r on 100r unused (Cat £225 mint), 1938 Vasco da Gama to 50a mint, 1913 ceres 13 vals to 1p mint (cat £635), 1936 air set mint (Cat £97), Back of the book Charity Tax 1931 5a unused, Taxa de Guerra set 2, Mozambique, Nyassa, Guinea, India incl A barred cancel on 1T red, 1914 Ceres to 3r mint, 1933 Portugal & Galeasse 12 vals to 5rp mint, Congo, St Thomas & Prince Is., Timor incl Portugal & Galeasee to 5p mauve mint, useful assembly, 100s. High cat value.


1905 2/6 black mounted mint with hinge remains, few blunt perfs, key value, SG 98 Cat £140.


FIRST DAY COVERS - Good range in a shoebox of mainly 1970s-80s commem sets plus defin long sets, some duplicated and mixed etc, approx 80.


QV to QEII Collection mint and used in a printed loose-leaf binder and nice mainstream ranges of mainly QEII 1960s-70s commem sets, some earlier incl Double Heads, QV defins etc, odd useful.


1941 Marin & Mota fine used imperf miniature sheet cancelled special 13th January postmark in a small official folder, very fine and attractive, SG MS 1487a Cat £150.


1941-1999 Extensive mint and collection neatly arranged five Britannia home-printed leaves with a huge range of defins and commems, sparse in places but all in nice binders, ideal for expansion. 100s.


1945-1963 Mint & used or cto collection in a well filled stockbook with sets, part sets and many thematics, mainly mint to 1954, then used or cto onwards. Good assembly to fill those gaps.

LOT558 Russia

1962-1975 Attractive collection with a huge amount completion for the period in three large Lindner hingeless albums in green, very extensive for commem sets, miniature sheets, some CTO sets, used sets but also many unmounted mint sets, runs and M/S, attractive lot with nice thematic content, perfs, imperfs etc, ideal for expansion just needs expensive M/S. 100s.

LOT559 Russia

1979-88 Cosmonauts small group of covers incl several signed 1979 Titow, Schonin, Bykowsky, Leonow on one cover, 1982 Berezowoi, Lebedew, 1984 Leonow, Popswitsch, Gretschko, Beregowoi, Schonin, Bykowskij, 1984 Schonin, Titov, Popswitsch, Bykowskij, etc, c45 mainly non signed expeditions etc.

LOT560 Russia

1984-1996 Unmounted mint collection of miniature sheets or sheetlets in a binder with many nice thematic issues noted approx 85 mainly all different.

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