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  • Public Auction - Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction June 2020    3

Public Auction Bowdon December 2019. 361: Catalogue

Monday 30th of December 2019 ,14:00:00 Bowdon Hotel Langham Rd, Bowdon, Altrincham WA14 2HT

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT521 Malta

1948 Self - Govt overprint 2d scarlet fine used with good CDS showing flag on Citadel variety, sound, SG 238b Cat £110.

LOT522 Martinique

1850 (26 Mar) A scarcely seen early Entire Letter from St Pierre to Brives France bearing manuscript charge marks, a nice cancel of departing ST PIERRE MARTINIQUE / 26 / MARS / 1850 CDS in black on reverse, sent via England with London transit, then COLONIES / & ART 13 boxed handstamp in red on obverse and Calais transit alongside. Brives arrival backstamp, mainly very fine, intr seldom offered.

LOT523 Mauritius

1900-05 Eight values hinged mint each overprinted SPECIMEN in black, includes 1r, 2r50c, some gum faults otherwise mainly fine, SG 138/9, 141/5, 149, 153/4.

LOT524 Mauritius

A useful collection QV to modern jumbled on leaves mint and used with better content including QV 1863 to 1s used, 1876 surcharges, 1878 surcharges used, 1910 to R2.50 mint, 1913 to 50c m, 1938 to R1 mint, 1953 to R10 m & u, then a run of defins and commems to 1990, useful lot for sorting out.

LOT525 Mauritius

Collection on leaves QV onwards with better mainly fine used including 1876 ½d on 9d, 1877 1d on 4d, 1878 13c on 3d (clipped perfs Cat £60), 38c on 9d (cat £100), 2r50 on 5s f.u., 1879 to 2r50 used, 1900 to 1r (2) used & 5r with fiscal cancel, 1880s surcharges, 1950 set to 10r used (Cat £90), etc, some mixed but many useful pickings and cat values.

LOT526 Mauritius

Postage Due: 1933-54 Set of five mint each perfinned SPECIMEN diagonally, 2c & 20c are badly torn so not included in estimate, otherwise sound, SG D1s/7s.

LOT527 Mauritius

SPECIMEN overprints selection of part sets and singles mint incl QV 1c mauve, 15c blue, Shield fourteen values, EDVII 5c, GV defins eighteen values to 25c, some faults but mainly sound, (36).

LOT528 Netherlands

1852-1977 Extensive mainly mint & some used collection in a Borek printed album, noted many better sets through year runs noted 1952 Int. Stamp Ex. both sets (cat £160), 1949 Queen 75c magenta mint (cat £130), 1940 Surcharges mint 100, 250 & 500 (cat £180), etc, nice clean lot for expansion. Good cat value.

LOT529 Netherlands

1852-1983 DAVO printed hingeless album with a good mainstream collection mint and used with huge amount of defin and commem sets, starts from imperfs, part sets and ranges to 1940s, then huge amount of completion, just needs expensive stamps to complete, 100s.

LOT530 Netherlands

1927 Interrupted perf (3 holes) 7½c violet fine used decent 1929 CDS example, very fine and scarce, NVPH R32 Cat €4000+.


1873-1948 Collection mint & used in a fine DAVO luxury hingeless album and slipcase, noted Curacao 1889 set mint / unused, 1891 25c on 30c used, 1895 surch set 2 used, 1915 to 2½g red m & u, 1927 Marine Insurance set used, 1928 to 35c, 1934 Air 10c on 20c f.u., 1936 to 2g50 m & u, 1941 to 1½g mint, 1940s long sets mint, Antilles 1950 to 10g mainly used (10g faults cat £110), 1951 Welfare set used, nice collection for expansion.


ARUBA: 1991-2000 Mainly complete unmounted mint collection of defin and commem sets and miniature sheets in a fine DAVO luxury hingeless album and slipcase, useful face and attractive lot, high original cost and STC £450+.

LOT533 New Zealand

1957-1978 Attractive mint and used collection in SG loose-leaf album includes Health miniature sheets from 1957-1967 Mint, used 1968-1976 m & u, QEII vals to £1 used etc, useful cat value in excess of £450+.

LOT534 New Zealand

Antarctic Expeditions: 1908 King Edward VII Land 1d rose-carmine hinged mint, usual rough perfs otherwise fine, SG A1 Cat £475.

LOT535 New Zealand

Antarctic Expeditions: 1911 Victoria Land 1d carmine tied on paper by a First Day 9 Feb British Antarctic CDS cancel, fine, SG A3 Cat £120.

LOT536 New Zealand

Binder with many stockpages including QV to modern mint and used, nice f.u. Queen later vals to 1s, pictorial issues to 1s, 1920 Victory to 1s mainly mint, 1960 to £1, etc, nice general assembly.

LOT537 New Zealand

Perfins: KGVI OHMS printed Dominion of New Zealand cover with NZ perfin on GB 2½d pale ultr. uncancelled to USA used by the High Commissioner for New Zealand in London, hard to find!


PAID / LIVERPOOL / Br. PACKET sock on the nose CDS on 2d lake, few minor tones otherwise unusual cancel. SG 53.


Revenues: 1898 CONSULAR overprint in red on ½d green & 10s violet, both badly torn corner but hard to find, Barefoot 8. Cat £125.

LOT540 Norway

1855-1987 A well filled peg album on plain leaves for a nice fine used collection from earlies noted 1855 4sk blue vfu 4 huge margins nice CDS (cat £200), 1856 3s, 4s & 8s f.u. (cat £180), 1863 set to 24sk CDS (cat £1100+), 1867 to 8sk (cat £380), 1872 posthorn set (cat £415), 1877 to 60o, 1925 Air polar bear set f.u. (cat £150), 1930 Tourist set (cat £185), hereon huge amount of defins and commem sets, etc, high cat value, ideal for expansion.

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