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New Raynes November 2019. 305: Catalogue

Wednesday 27th of November 2019 ,19:00:00 Sitwell Arms Hotel 39 Station Road Renishaw S21 3WF

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SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA - Two large printed Yvert albums with four country sections for Ecuador & Guatemala (almost empty) with second Album some range for Brazil and Mexico, mainly clean ideal for expansion, small qty.


STOCKBOOKS - World accumulation in a heavy box containing eleven stockbooks noted Netherlands presentation packs in three nice binders, Ireland, Italy, French colonies, East Europe thematics, etc, heavy lot.


WORLD ACCUMULATION mainly in albums and binders, USA used stock in a well filled stockbook, world loose in a long box, and dozens of packets and smaller boxes, etc, 100s, heavy lot.


WORLD BOX - Including world in fourteen large stockbooks or binders, commercial mail from Germany from turn of the century to modern. 1000s.


WORLD in two large lever arch files and loose in a shoebox, includes 100s on album pages from many different countries for mainstream incl Bulgaria ranges on dealer cards in a shoebox, 100s.


WORLDWIDE OFF PAPER - Enormous accumulation of 10,000s in bags including much Russia defins and commems with many thematics, Hungary middle to modern with many thematics, world areas in bundleware, GB loose mainstream, huge quantity, 10,000s.


ASIA Collection of small country ranges mint and used in two stockbooks including Thailand from earlies mint, then fine used, values to 2t, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, few Taiwan, China 1960s, then a few foreign non related. 100s.


ASIA - Sparse but useful assembly in stockbook with Manchukuo 1932 Pagoda & Emperor set of 18 mint (2 sets), 1933 1st Anniv. set 4 mint, 1934 Enthronement set m, 1934-35 surchs m, airmail 2f grey P/S card uprated and cancelled special flight CDS in violet, 1935 Visit set m, 1936 Postal set m, 1940 2nd Visit FDC, 1937 China Mail Provisionals 1937 5 Year Plan set m, 1937 Relinquishment set m, Tibet, Korea, Formosa etc, useful and cat value.


ASIA - Well filled springback album with a mint and or used collections of Philippines, Thailand, Timor, Vietnam, plenty of thematics, miniature sheets and sheetlets, mint commems sets middle to 1980s etc, 100s.


BALKANS - Collection of different countries early to modern both mint or used including odd better noted Albania from 1913, plus tax ovpts, 1916 P/S card Fieldpost No.319, 1928 overprints mint, Bulgaria from 1874 to 1950, Montenegro, Serbia, Yugoslavia, etc, 100s. Clean lot.


BALTIC STATES: 1918-1940 A superb mint and used stock in two well filled stockbooks with many nice fine used for Estonia perf & imperf, block and some large blocks, 1923 Airs to middle values, 1931 Red Cross set mint (Cat £67), 1933 Anti TB set m (Cat £59), 1936 Charity set m (Cat £45), 1937/8 Caritas set m plus M/S, 1939 Parnau M/S, Latvia perf & imperf defins, 1921 Airs m, 1925 Libau set m, 1928 Air sets m & u, 1928 Liberty set m imperf (Cat £38), 1929 Meierovics set m, 1930 Rainis set m (Cat £118), 1930 Air set 2 m, 1931 surch set 10 m (Cat £129), 1931 Air surcharge set 3 m (Cat £66), 1932 Militia set m imperf (Cat £50), 1932 air set 3 m (Cat £87), 1932 Air Pioneers set m (Cat £165), 1933 air 3-53s U/M (Cat £60), 1933 Latvia-Afrika overprint airs first three values mint (Cat £300 25s blue brownish gum), 1933 Air Super Sportster set 4 imperf m (Cat £320, some brownish gum), 1940 Incorporation set, etc, huge cat value in excess of £1500.


BASHED UP old time Strand album overfull with 19th century to modern for many different countries, noted China Dowager 1c & 2c, 1960s red period few commems, few mint sets, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Americas etc, good qty, very mixed otherwise massive variety of material here.


BENELUX COUNTRIES - Stockbook well filled with mint & used collection including Belgium 1849-1944 from early imperfs to 1940 mint sets, 1919 Tin Hat set to 1f mint, 1925 75th Anniv. set m, 1929 to 50f, 1931 vals to 2f50, 5f & 10f mint, 1939 Orval set m, 1939 Anti TB set m, Netherlands 1852 onwards with many early fine used, then Neth. Colonies, Luxembourg 1859 onwards with many fine used earlies to 5f, 1929-37 Child Welfare sets m, good range and cat value.


BLACK STOCKPAGES - With worldwide collections on a huge pile of around 110 stockpages each with a range of small country sections, some better incl French Colonies incl St Pierre & Miquelon, Saar, Russia, Portugal, El Salvador officials in mint blocks, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia M/S, India modern mint blks, Iceland, Ireland, Somalia, Iran, Hungary mint sets with many thematics, plenty of South & Central Americas, few Br. C/W, European, 1000s here, ideal to price up as single pages.


British Africa collection on stockpages mint and used with better noted KUT 1922 to 10s (fiscal use), GEA GV to 1r, Tanganyika 3s & 5s used, GV to 5s, 1935 SJ set f.u., 1938 mint values to 3s, 10s & £1 (2), used £1, 1948 RSW set m, postage dues used, Niger Coast Prot. QV to 1s black mint, 2/6 bistre mint, Oil Rivers ovpt to 5d mint, Lagos QV to 1s mint, 6d used, EDVII to 5s mint, N. Nigeria EDVII printings to 2/6 mint, GV to 5s mint, S. Nigeria EDVII to 2/6, later to 5s m & u, GV to 10s mint, Nigeria GV to 5s mint (both printings), 1935 SJ, Pictorial defins to 5s, 1938 to 2/6, 1948 RSW set used, etc, useful cat value.


British Africa collection on stockpages mint and used with better noted South Africa GV/GVI incl mint blocks of 4, many JIPEX 1936 advertising sheets of 6 for ½d (19), 1d (19), GV defins to 10s, Air set m, later defins to 5s in mint pairs, Voortrekker sets, Huguenot sets, War Effort large and small sets, postage dues, officials, Cape of Good Hope Sitting Hope defins used to 5s, EDVII to 1s mint, Natal QV to 5s used, EDVII to 5s, Transvaal EDVII to £1, etc, useful cat value.


British Africa collection on stockpages mint and used with better noted South West Africa GV/GVI incl GV defins to 2/6 in pairs mint, later to 10s mint, Voortrekker sets, Huguenot sets, War Effort large and small sets, postage dues, officials, Nyasaland EDVII to 2/6 (both printings), GV 4s keyplate mint, 1935 SJ set m, 1938 incl 2s to £1 keyplates set mint, 1950 GVI to 20s m & u, 1948 RSW set used, N. Rhodesia GV set to 20s (corner tone) used, 1938 13 vals to 20s mint,, 1948 RSW set mint, S. Rhodesia Admirals to 5s m & u, GV heads to 5s m & u, 1938 GVI to 5s m, Sierra Leone QV to 2s, EDVII to 2s, GV to 5s mint, later GV to 2s brown f.u., 1935 SJ set m, 1938 set 13 to £1 mint, 1948 RSW set mint, Somaliland QV to 1r mint, EDVII to 6a mint, (both ptgs), GV 1r green overprinted Specimen mint, GVI to R5 mint, 1948 RSW set m, surchs to 5s on R5 m, Swaziland first issues to 1s m & unused, GV to 2/6 mint, 1938 to 10s mint, 1948 RSW set f.u. etc, useful cat value.


Early to modern part of a Centurion album with some old times ranges incl China, Australia Roos to 2s brown, Europe, Americas etc, 100s.


EAST EUROPE - Collection in a springback album with a very good range of mint sets from 1960s to 1980s, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia etc, then a run of used for similar issues, 100s.


GB & FOREIGN ranges in a stockbook with GB QV postmarks on 1d plates, 2d stars, 1880s 1d lilac and ½d green mostly with nice postmarks, squared circles, Scottish cancels, Irish cancels, London cancels, then range of numerals in order from 1 to 938, London hooded on nice P/S card, then foreign ranges incl Middle East countries, Asia etc, 100s.

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