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Postal Auction New Raynes July 2019. 302: Catalogue

Tuesday 2nd of July 2019 ,13:00:00 PO Box 228 Winsford CW7 9DG

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT81 Australia

Postage Due: 1938 3d carmine and green Type B mounted mint example, SG D115 Cat £60.

LOT82 Australia

Postage Dues: 1938 Complete set of 7 hinged mint to 1/-, fine, SG D112/118.


Tasmania: 1855 4d deep blue nice fine used very close 3 margins, neatly cut, lovely clean example, SG 17.


Tasmania: 1892 2/6, 5/- & 10/- top values all mint part og. overprinted Specimen in black, 10/- has bad corner and smudged ovpt otherwise sound used, SG 222s/4s.


Tasmania: 1904 1½d on 5d pale blue and brown in a top marginal mint / U/M strip of 6 showing TASMANIA in the margin watermark, nice positional item, SG 244.

LOT86 Austria

1938 (9 Apr) Printed regd airmail envelope to Holland uprated with top airmail values 5s & 10s tied by special illustrated cancels WIEN 9 CDS cancels, very attractive item, seldom seen & huge cat value on cover.

LOT87 Austria

1938 Illustrated air mail cover from Hotel Bristol Vienna with 1 Shilling red with Flugpost cds addressed to Belgium. Nice cover.

LOT88 Austria

1950 30th Anniv. of Corinthian Plebiscite complete set of 3 unmounted mint, very fine and fresh. SG 1212/1214. Cat £140.

LOT89 Austria

1950 Air complete set of 7 lightly mounted mint, mainly sound, SG 1215/1221. Cat £439.

LOT90 Austria

196 Two Illustrated balloon covers one has autograph of the pilot J. Boesman with Vienna cancels.

LOT91 Bahamas

1862 P.13 4d dull rose fine used part A05 duplex cancel clear of the face, sound clean example, SG 18.

LOT92 Bahamas

1863-77 P.12½ 4d dull rose, nice very fine unused no gum example, great colour, and sound clean example, SG 27.

LOT93 Bahamas

1906 Wmk MCA set of 4 to 6d hinged mint, fine, SG 71/4.

LOT94 Bahamas

1935 Silver Jubilee 2½d brown and deep blue fresh hinged mint showing 'lightning conductor on turret to left of chapel' variety, superb, SG 142 var.

LOT95 Bahamas

1938 5/- lilac and blue mounted mint on thick chalky paper, fresh, SG 156.

LOT96 Bahamas

1938 Chalky 5/- lilac and blue on thick paper hinged mint with fresh appearance, SG 156.

LOT97 Barbados

1906 Nelson Centenary ¼d black and grey hinged mint showing watermark inverted variety, sound, SG 145w.

LOT98 Barbados

1907 (31 Jul) Printed registered envelope (grubby) to UK with an attractive combination of 1906 Tercent 1d x 3 uprated from 2d ultr., cancelled BARBADOS RLO CDS's, faults but seldom seen on cover.

LOT99 Barbados

1915-18 Belgian Barbados Relief One Fraction label printed in dark blue with Lion & Crown Coat of Arms, stuck to album piece of paper, originally affixed to letters to help the war relief in WWI.

LOT100 Barbados

1922 Manuscript OHMS registered cover to Switzerland (roughly opened) bearing 6d reddish purple tied large BARBADOS CDS cancel and Barbados regd etiquette No. 4881 sent via London with hooded Registered 18th April backstamp and Swiss arrival b/s. Faults but nice intercontinental use.

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