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Public Auction Renishaw June 2019. 301: Catalogue

Wednesday 5th of June 2019 ,19:00:00 Sitwell Arms Hotel, 39 Station Road, Renishaw, S21 3WF

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT741 Great Britain

Control singles hinged mint duplicated collection on a stockcard mostly for 1912-24 1½d red-brown issue includes both perf and imperf margins for approx 10 different control singles out of 12 examples, mainly all fine. Nice group. (12).

LOT742 Great Britain

Control singles hinged mint duplicated collection on a stockcard mostly for 1912-24 2d orange issue includes both perf and imperf margins for 5 different control singles Q21, B24, Q20, R21, S21, mainly all fine. Nice group. (5).

LOT743 Great Britain

Control singles hinged mint duplicated collection on two Hagner pages mostly for 1912-24 ½d green issue includes both perf and imperf margins for approx 25 different control singles out of 79 examples, mainly all fine B & C13 to P20. Nice group. (79).

LOT744 Great Britain

Eleven Queen Victoria 1d reds on covers. Includes two with black Maltese cross cancels and Scots Local Cross on 1857 cover to Kirkcudbright. Includes opened cover with two 1d reds from Limerick to England.

LOT745 Great Britain

Fifteen pre stamp entires plus a free font includes 5/9 in red on entire to Florence, 1829 entire with red crown cancel to Dublin and included is entire from Boston USA to London.

LOT746 Great Britain

Postage Dues: Small mainly fine used range noted SG D12, D16 (pair cat £90), D31, D51 pair, D54 pair. (9 stamps). STC £150.

LOT747 Great Britain

Selection of three QEII covers with 1960's postage due includes pair 6d and 8d. Plus cover with insufficient address cachet and two with posted in wrong post-box. Plus 1880's 22p to pay. Five covers with 1970's postage due and two not known 1990 covers/

LOT748 Great Britain

Six Queen Victoria covers. Includes book post wrapper with 2d blue, 1899 opened cover with 1d lilac readdressed four times, 1884 mourning cover with 2½d lilac, 1884 cover with 3d lilac from Liverpool and 1884 Torquay mourning cover with 2½d blue plate 23. Plus 2½d blue plate 18 on cover from Liverpool to Canada.

LOT749 Great Britain

Stockbook 1840-QEII Very mixed assembly in a smaller stockbook with better throughout including 1840 1d black (poor), 1840 2d blue (1-2 margins), 1841 2d blue (3), 1854 2d blue (2), 1847 Embossed 6d mauve with 4 good margins (hard to get) but large tear, 10d red-brown 2 margins, 1856 4d, 6d f.u., 1862 to 1s incl 9d bistre sound used, 2½d rosy-mauve (13) plates, 1900 QV 1s green and carmine mint, EDVII to 1s, etc, huge cat value.

LOT750 Great Britain

Ten GB covers with Paquebot and posted at sea cancels. Includes 1938 British India Line with Victoria Hong Kong cancel, KGV 1920 from Port Said with letter enclosed. Also included New Zealand anniversary of HMS Bounty.

LOT751 Great Britain

Well filled stockbook of used material with hundreds of different commems, many fine used in a well filled 26 sided stockbook plus few FDCs, also 1977 Jubilee mint omnibus sets in a binder.


1948 Third Anniversary of Liberation illustrated colour 10 May 1948 typed first day cover. SG C1-C2. Very minor crease.


1940 (27 Dec) 1940 Stamp Centenary 2d orange bisected on four plain postcards sent locally, two from top of the stamp, two from the bottom, mainly fine. (4).


1941-44 Wartime Arms issues incl Blue banknote set of 2 u/m, and three covers incl ½d green blk of 4 plus single, 1d & 2½d few tones otherwise fine.


Army: 1901 QV 6d purple on rose hinged mint showing broken A in ARMY variety, SG O45 CAT £110.


Collection on leaves with some better including Inland Revenue QV 6d grey f.u. (cat £140), 1901 QV 6d purple on rose red f.u. (cat £150), Army; 1901 QV 6d mint (cat £110), Office of Works; 1896 1d lilac vfu (cat £150), 1902 EDVII ½d f.u. (cat £180), Govt Parcels; QV 1883 1½d, 6d green (colour gone, cat £1400), 9d green (heavy used, short corner with lovely colour, cat £1200), 1s orange-brown (2, one with short corner), 1887-90 'set' used (cat £500), 6d purple on rose CDS used (cat £75), 1891-1900 'set' used (cat £630), 1902 EDVII 6d used (cat £60), 9d & 1s used (cat £535), Board of Education EDVII ½d & 1d used (cat £80), etc, taken as is, STC £6100+.


Fine used group including Govt. Parcels 1888 9d dull purple and blue rubber CDS used (2, cat £240), 1½d, 6d, 2d & 1d all used (cat £183), etc, (20).

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