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Public Auction Renishaw June 2019. 301: Catalogue

Wednesday 5th of June 2019 ,19:00:00 Sitwell Arms Hotel, 39 Station Road, Renishaw, S21 3WF

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT701 Great Britain

1873-99 A selection of 19 postcards and cover mostly ½d with Scottish Postmarks. Includes St. Enoch Square Glasgow, Dumfries and very rare Mintlaw Station.

LOT702 Great Britain

1884-97 A selection of 17 postcards and cover mostly with ½d's with London area postmarks including Hooded Circle. Plus ten covers with London Squared Circle Postmarks including one from the Lyceum Theatre.

LOT703 Great Britain

1890-1964 Plain and illustrated First Day Covers in cover sleeves including 1890 Jubilee plain unused card and envelope, 1911 1st UK Aerial Post brownish purple printed env (few tones, corner crease Retail £80+), 1936 EDVIII set 3 & 1d on two covers with Willesden first day machine marks, 1937 GVI 1½d on 1st day London slogan, ½d & 1d on cover machine cancel (tones), 1937 Coronation, 1940 Stamp Cent. 3d purple, 1951 Festival set 2, 1953 Coronation illus., 1964 Shakespeare illus special Stratford CDS's, high cat lot (23).

LOT704 Great Britain

1892-99 A selection of 14 postcards and covers with various London postmarks including Newspaper Branch CDS types.

LOT705 Great Britain

1896-02 A selection of 13 postcards, cover and wrapper mostly with ½d's with London postmarks including Surbiton B.O. and Battersea.

LOT706 Great Britain

1902-1910 Twenty King Edward VII postcards with ½d greens. Plus fifteen other postcards/wrappers with 1d reds and ½d green postal stationery. Includes Longfield squared circle, 1903 card to Canada, 1904 card with Staines cds and 1906 Manchester wrapper.

LOT707 Great Britain

1910-35 A selection of approx. sixty postcards and covers. Includes KGV two 1d red on 1936 Port Sudan cover, 1918 ½d with Staines cancel, 1920 1d red with Margate cancel, KGV 1½d posted on the high seas and 1932 reg. cover from Charing Cross.

LOT708 Great Britain

1935- Mainly unmounted mint sets on Hagners including 1948 RSW set, 1953 Coronation set, 1960s-1970 mostly complete for ordinary sets, fine.

LOT709 Great Britain

1936 King Edward VIII 1 Sept typed fdc with ½d, 1½d and 2½d and ½d green on fdc with block of four 1½d brown on reg. fdc

LOT710 Great Britain

1936 King Edward VIII 1 Sept typed FDC with ½d, 1½d and 2½d with 14 Sept typed fdp/c with 1d red. SG 457-460. Cat value £330.

LOT711 Great Britain

1937 King George VI Coronation 1½d marone on typed first day cover from Acton, SG 461.

LOT712 Great Britain

1939 10s dark blue hinged mint showing DOT ON SCROLL variety, hinge remains but nice clear variety, fine, SG Spec Q32d Cat £350.

LOT713 Great Britain

1939 10s dark blue unmounted mint showing RETOUCHED MEDALLION variety, small gum bend otherwise nice clear variety, fine, SG Spec Q32C Cat £350.

LOT714 Great Britain

1940 Centenary of first adhesive stamp May 6th 1940 set of six on first day cover, with Red cross cancel. SG 479-484

LOT715 Great Britain

1946 Block of four 2½d ultramarine and block of four 3d violet King George VI Victory stamps on two first day covers. SG 491-492

LOT716 Great Britain

1953 Coronation set of 4 in blocks of 4. two top stamps hinged mint, to bottom stamps unmounted mint, fine.

LOT717 Great Britain

1955 Waterlow set of 4 in vertical unmounted mint pairs, 2/6 is bottom left corner marginal showing right angle sheet marks, 10s is left marginal, few gum bends otherwise fine, SG 536/9 Cat £500.

LOT718 Great Britain

1961 Centenary of Post Office Savings Bank set of three on first day cover. SG 623-625

LOT719 Great Britain

1989 £1.90 Greetings booklets (2) each with Cylinders B1A/G in left hand selvedge, SG spec FX10. Cat £60+.

LOT720 Great Britain

1993 Britannia used mainly CDS examples on paper, a few with contemporary ink marks, wrinkles etc, (10 examples). SG 1658 Cat £120.

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