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Postal Auction May 2019. 302 -1: Catalogue

Wednesday 15th of May 2019 ,13:00:00 PO Box 228 Winsford CW7 9DG

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SCANDINAVIA Old Time collection on jumbled leaves with useful earlier material including Norway posthorns to 20o, Finland earlies 1875 to 1m lilac, Sweden from earlies 1858 30o brown, 1862 20o red, 1872 6o lilac, others to 1r brown and blue (2) cat £65 each, Postage Dues to 1k, etc, very mixed but some useful to be extracted / sorted.


SORTER BOX with all sorts mint and used, all periods, Grafton springback album, world on and off paper, in envelopes, packets, small boxes, bags, commercial mail, vast amount to sort through here, 1000s.


SORTER LOT - In a heavy carton with various in packets on and off paper, envelopes, loose, smaller stockbooks with world ranges, two springback albums, Thailand in stockbook, Turkey from earlier in a stockbook, thematics in a binder on many Hagners, etc, 1000s to sort.


STOCK PAGES in a Boxfile with 19th century to modern culled from various collections incl France UNESCO U/M in blks of 4, New Hebrides incl 1949 UPU set m, Austria mint sets, Switzerland earlies, S. Arabia, etc, intr lot, very diverse.


Empty stockbooks and binders in a heavy box including three large cover albums with original sleeves, three stockbooks used, Viscount springback album in red with new leaves etc.


Empty stockbooks and binders in a heavy box including two 64 sided stockbooks used, two smaller stockbooks unused, various album pages in original packets, cover binder etc.


1986 Royal Wedding 3 autographed Birthright regd charity covers signed by Major Ferguson, Susan Ferguson (Sarah's parents), and Lindka Cierach (wedding dressmaker) all fine limited edition and each has £1 defin tied on reverse by Dummer Basingstoke CDS cancels. Original price list from Rembrandt accompanies selling at £6.95 each July 1986.

LOT48 Autographs

1967 British Wild Flowers FDC cancelled Brighton with autograph of famous actress Phyllis Calvert star of over 40 films and one of Britains highest paid stars.

LOT49 Autographs

1967 British Wild Flowers FDC cancelled Brighton with autograph of actress/comedienne Pat Coombs.

LOT50 Autographs

1968 British Paintings GPO FDC with autograph of English actor Linus Roach who in 1975 played Peter Barlow in Coronation Street.

LOT51 Autographs

1982 Royal Opera House FDC with autographs of English actor Peter Barkworth and Scottish actress Hannah Gordon.

LOT52 Autographs

1994 St. George's day with Ben Arkle 25p stamp on cover cancelled Windsor Philatelic Counter with autographs of actor/comedians Peter Barkworth and Donald Sinden.

LOT53 Autographs

Joe E Brown - 1930-40s actor signed photograph (11 x 8 cm) with a dedication signed by the actor on 17.12.49. Fine.

LOT54 Cigarette Cards

Gallaher-1935 Portraits of Famous Stars complete set of 48 mainly very fine.

LOT55 Cigarette Cards

John Player -1934 Cricketers set of 50 mainly very fine.

LOT56 Cigarette Cards

John Players-1929 Curious Beaks set 46 of 50 mainly very fine.

LOT57 Cigarette Cards

John Players-1938 Aircraft of the Royal Air Force complete set of 50 mainly very fine.

LOT58 Cigarette Cards

John Players-1938 Cricketers complete set of 50 includes Len Hutton mainly very fine.

LOT59 Cigarette Cards

Players: 1931 Military Head Dress complete set of 50 in sleeves, mainly very good to fine examples, 50.

LOT60 Cigarette Cards

Players-1939 Uniforms of the territorial Army complete set of 50 mainly fine.

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