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Postal Auction April 2019. 301 - 1: Catalogue

Tuesday 16th of April 2019 ,13:00:00 PO Box 228 Winsford CW7 9DG

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT81 Fournier Forgery

Philippines: 1898-1902 Attractive range including 1898 Curly Head six values perf and imperf to 2p m & u, 1904 USA x 2 vals, two postmarks & four surcharges on three pieces. (14).

LOT82 Fournier Forgery

Porto Rico: 1898 Attractive range including 1898 Curly Head 1p green imperf block of 4, three values perf and imperf to 2p m & nine surcharges on one piece. (18).

LOT83 Fournier Forgery

Portugal Colonies: Cape Verde; 1877-82 Crown design good range incl 25r lilac & 40r orange in blks of 4 mint, pairs for 5r, 10r, 20r, 25r, 40r, 50r, 100r, 200r & 300r bronze plus three singles and two postmarks on one piece. (31).

LOT84 Fournier Forgery

Portugal Colonies: Guinea; 1866 Crown type defins incl 50r green mint blk of 4, some pairs 10r, 20r, 25r, 200r plus four ovpts on one piece. (34).

LOT85 Fournier Forgery

Portugal Colonies: India; 1866 Crown type defins large range of blocks of 4 and pairs including 10r, 20r, 50r, 100r, 200r 5r in blocks of 4, 300r bronze pair mint, 25r lilac blk of 6 mint, surcharges (42) incl 2T on 300r bronze pair mint, plus five surcharges on one piece, and three postmarks. (109).

LOT86 Fournier Forgery

Portugal Colonies: Macau; 1866 Crown type defins large range incl blocks of 4 (25r, 80r, ) and pairs including 20r, 50r, strips of three incl 40r, 50r, 200r, 300r bronze, plus fourteen surcharges and two postmarks. (52).

LOT87 Fournier Forgery

Portugal Colonies: Mozambique; 1866 Crown type defins large range of 10 different values to 50r green mint. (10).

LOT88 Fournier Forgery

Portugal Colonies: St Thomas & Prince; 1869 Crown type singles to 300r bronze mainly 'mint', 10r orange strip of 3, 40r blue pair plus three postmarks on one piece, attr. (18).

LOT89 Fournier Forgery

Portugal Colonies: Timor; 1869 Crown type singles to 300r bronze mainly 'mint' pairs for 25r, 50r, 80r, 100r, 300r and 10r green strip of 3, plus surcharge, attr. (20).

LOT90 Fournier Forgery

POSTMARKS - Balance of the collection found at the reverse of the book with strips of various postmarks for Wurttemberg (18), Johannesburg (2), Beyrout, San Salvador (2), Tasmania, Victoria, Turkey (4), A14, Deutsch Ost Afrika, YAP Karolinen, ESHOW Zululand, Apia, Ethiopia (7), Zanzibar, B62, French Colonies from many different areas (c30), India states Chamba, Gwalior, Cuba, Tanger, Uganda, Eritrea, Cospoli, Trinidad, Tahiti, etc, approx 155 different cancels.

LOT91 Fournier Forgery

Romania: 1865-1891 A beautiful collection of mainly imperfs on singles, pairs and block of 4 including 1865 types 5p blue blk of 4 imperf, 2p & 20p imperf pairs unused, four values 'used', 1866-67 pairs and singles, plus 2b orange block of 4 imperf, nine singles mainly used, 1869 many pairs to 50b unused, 1872 to 50b, 1885 series incl pairs to 50b, 1891 Jubilee 1½b red-brown marginal block of ten with CDS postmarks, plus seven postmarks on one piece, fabulous lot. (97).

LOT92 Fournier Forgery

Russia: 1883 Two superb strips of three large marginal imperf gummed paper for 3r50 & 7r values plus two postmarks on one piece, 3r50 single imperf & Russian P.O. in Turkish Empire 6k blue in imperf PAIR. Attr. (8).

LOT93 Fournier Forgery

Russian P.O. in China: 1899-1903 7k, 50k & 70k defins used, one surcharge in red plus two postmarks on one piece. (6).

LOT94 Fournier Forgery

San Marino: 1877-90 Lovely collection including 1877 20c red imperf block of 4, 30c brown strip of 5 imperf, good range of singles unused and used to 5l plus four postmarks on one piece. (33).

LOT95 Fournier Forgery

Shanghai: 1866-77 Small dragons 'used' range of six values to 6ca or 8c plus SHANGHAI postmark & 1893 Jubilee overprint on two pieces. (8).

LOT96 Fournier Forgery

Spain: A substantial assembly of forgeries from 1850-1889 including nice imperf blocks of 4 for Isabella issues to 5r, 1852 incl strip of 4, blks of 4, local post issues incl framed blks of 4, 1860s incl blk of 4, framed singles, pairs, 1872-73 10c lilac imperf blk of 15, also postmarks and surcharges, beautiful lot. (142).

LOT97 Fournier Forgery

Spanish Colonies: Antilles; 1855-1868 four Surcharges on one large piece in black plus one postmark on one piece. (5).

LOT98 Fournier Forgery

Spanish Colonies: Fernando Poo; 1868 20c strip of three imperf mint, Curly Head three vertical pairs plus two used singles. (12).

LOT99 Fournier Forgery

Surinam: 1873-92 Five different stamps including postage dues and two postmarks. (5).

LOT100 Fournier Forgery

Switzerland: A beautiful collection with impressive multiple blocks noted Geneva Cantonals ½c green marginal block of 8, blk of 4, strips of 4 (2), strip of 8, Basel Essays two blocks of 12 without centre, 2½r 'used' single, Zurich 4c & 6c 'used' singles, Zurich 2½r pair unused, Geneva Transitional Period series 5c tete-beche blk of 4, 4c & 5c pairs, 1850 2½r local post black imperfs in blk of 4, Federal posts nice range of singles plus RAYON III 15rp red impressive block of 8 imperf, 1854 Sitting Helvetias larger impressions with framelines, 1f bronze-gold large imperf block of 8, etc. (127). Impressive almost complete collection.

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