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Postal Auction April 2019. 301 - 1: Catalogue

Tuesday 16th of April 2019 ,13:00:00 PO Box 228 Winsford CW7 9DG

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT61 Fournier Forgery

Iceland: 1873 2sk blue, 8sk brown & 16sk orange all 'used', (3).

LOT62 Fournier Forgery

India: 1854 4a red and blue in a imperf block of 4, and pair unused, five ovpts/ surchs on one piece. (11).

LOT63 Fournier Forgery

Italian Colonies: Eritrea; Five different values to 1l, plus two ovpts surcharges on one piece. (7).

LOT64 Fournier Forgery

Italian States: Modena; 1852-59 Seven imperfs mainly 'used' plus Modena CDS cancel. (8).

LOT65 Fournier Forgery

Italian States: Naples 1860 ½t blue vertical block of 6 (cat £10,000s as genuine), plus one used, Neapolitan three values mint, plus three postmarks for other states. (13).

LOT66 Fournier Forgery

Italian States: Parma; 1852-59 Attractive range including 40c black on blue in imperf block of 20, 1857 40c blue strip of 3, 1859 5c green tete-beche imperf block of 6, 10c brown strip of 3 unused, plus seven postmarks on one piece. (49).

LOT67 Fournier Forgery

Italian States: Roman states; 1852 50baj grey in an imperf block of 10, 1Scudo red in tete-beche block of 4, 1scudo red used, 1860s usual coloured issues plus 5baj block of 6, 7baj block of 20, 50baj blue, few postmarks etc. (63).

LOT68 Fournier Forgery

Italian States: Roman states; 1859 Attractive range of large blocks of 30 unused and 'used' including 1Baj, 1½baj, 2baj, 3baj, 4baj, 5baj, 6baj, 8baj, 20baj plus seven postmarks and overprints on one piece. (277).

LOT69 Fournier Forgery

Italian States: Sardinia; 1853-61 including three coloured embossed issues CDS used, 1853 coloured with white embossed centres unused and used (3), and seven postmarks on one piece. (17).

LOT70 Fournier Forgery

Italian States: Tuscany; 1851-60 including impressive 2s red on blue paper in a imperf marginal block of 30, 1s yellow on blue imperf strip of 5, 60cr red on blue imperf blk of 4, 2cr blk of 4, strips of three for 60cr, 1cr, 1s, 6cr, then pairs for 9cr & 1q, three used singles, 1860 Cross series 20c imperf blk of 8, pairs for five values plus six postmarks on one piece. (86).

LOT71 Fournier Forgery

Japan: 1871-2 six early examples used, plus four postmarks on one piece. (10).

LOT72 Fournier Forgery

Liberia: 1964-69 Sitting Figure pairs and strips of 3 unused for all values including pairs (10), strips of 3 (2), 4 singles. (30).

LOT73 Fournier Forgery

Lombardy & Venetia: 1850 Arms x 4 different unused, plus four postmarks on one piece. (8).

LOT74 Fournier Forgery

Luxembourg: 1859-1882 A superb collection including 1859 Arms 10c pale blue printed twice on each side used cancels, wide selection of framed Arms issues (56(, then additional blocks of 4 tete-beche, singles perf and imperf unused or used, 1882 5f orange-brown, Un Franc surcharges, plus twelve postmarks / surchs on two pieces etc. Beautiful lot. (92).

LOT75 Fournier Forgery

Mexico: 1856-72 Range of 13 earlier mainly used imperf & perf issues, plus 1863 genuine mint blocks of 6 or 10 ready for surcharging, plus seven postmarks or surcharges on one piece. (22).

LOT76 Fournier Forgery

Monaco: 1885 5f red imperf block of 4, 1f black on yellow imperf pair, 5f red used single, 40c imperf plus seven postmarks on one piece. (15).

LOT77 Fournier Forgery

Nevis: 1861 6d lilac imperf pair and single, plus AO9 postmark (4).

LOT78 Fournier Forgery

New Republic: 1886 1d violet on three different papers, 4d violet on blue all mint. (4).

LOT79 Fournier Forgery

Niger Coast Protectorate: Surcharges for British Protectorate for seven surcharges and ovpts on one piece. (7).

LOT80 Fournier Forgery

North Borneo: 1883 large size 50c violet & $1 red on larger pieces with matching coloured frames. 1889-1892 perf Arms ½c, 5c, 10c & 1c plus one postmark & four surcharges on two pieces. (11).

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