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Postal Auction April 2019. 301 - 1: Catalogue

Tuesday 16th of April 2019 ,13:00:00 PO Box 228 Winsford CW7 9DG

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT41 Fournier Forgery

French Congo: Colis Postaux 10c black on green paper in a tete-beche sheet of 20, fine.

LOT42 Fournier Forgery

German Colonies: Different countries including Samoa Yacht 5p mint block of 6, SWA 50pf used, N. Guinea 10pf used, Yacht defins for nine different values to 80pf, plus six overprints on one piece. (23).

LOT43 Fournier Forgery

German P.O. in China: 3pf & 50pf Reich defins used with forged overprints plus five postmarks of Kaumi, Tientsin etc on two pieces. (7).

LOT44 Fournier Forgery

German States: Baden; 1862 Imperfs 9k brown including an impressive blk of 4, 18k green (2), 1kr black, perf issues 3k, 6k, 30k orange CDS, plus nine different postmark on one piece. (20).

LOT45 Fournier Forgery

German States: Bavaria; 1849-50 Imperfs 18k orange used, 12k red unused, Postage Dues 1870 1k, 3k (2), plus eight different postmark on one piece. (13).

LOT46 Fournier Forgery

German States: Bremen; 1855-61 Imperfs 3gr on grey-blue block of 4, 2gr orange imperf (2 one larger framed), 10gr black, locals (2), plus six different postmark on one piece. (17).

LOT47 Fournier Forgery

German States: Brunswick; 1852-65 Imperfs 3sgr unused vertical pair, 1/3ggr, 2sgr, ¼sgr, 1sgr, 3sgr, 1866 embossed relief types x 3 different values plus six different postmark on one piece. (17).

LOT48 Fournier Forgery

German states: Hamburg; 1859-68 numeral designs incl 1859 ½m black imperf pair, imperf & perf including five perf block of 6 mint, five blocks of 6 imperf, plus seven postmarks on one piece. (82).

LOT49 Fournier Forgery

German states: Hanover; 1850-63 Range of imperfs used (5), 1859 Posthorn (2), 3pf red (2), 1859 Head two values with coloured frames plus seven postmarks on two pieces. (18).

LOT50 Fournier Forgery

German states: Lubeck; 1859-64 Range of imperfs unused (5), 1864 1¼sch brown strip of 4 imperf unused, plus four postmarks on one piece. (13).

LOT51 Fournier Forgery

German states: Mecklenburg-Scherwin; 1856-67 Range of imperfs used & unused (7), 1864 ¼ x four quarters unused imperf block, plus eleven postmarks on one piece. (19).

LOT52 Fournier Forgery

German States: North & Southern Districts large black and white sheet of 8 different designs plus two other singles, then ½gr on green used, 3kr on blue used and 5 numeral ringed postmarks on one piece. (17).

LOT53 Fournier Forgery

German States: Saxony; 1850 3pf red CDS used, 1851 3pf green with framelines and three postmarks. (5).

LOT54 Fournier Forgery

German States: Schleswig Holstein; 1859 2sch red 'used', 1865 numerals incl ½ pink with framelines, 4s brown with framelines, 1864 2sch blue with framelines plus eleven postmarks on two pieces. (19).

LOT55 Fournier Forgery

German states: Wurttemberg; 1851 18k black on purple single, 1857 Embossed 18kr in slate blue framed imperf, 18kr orange, 1881 1m yellow & 2m black and yellow (6).

LOT56 Fournier Forgery

Germany: 1889 5pf green in a double block of 12 imperf (one block printed each side), Eagle 25pf orange imperf marginal blk of 6, 50pf perf pair, plus 20pf blue pair, and four postmark on one piece. (40).

LOT57 Fournier Forgery

Great Britain: Officials; Four stamps incl Board of Education EDVII 1s used, thirteen overprints on two pieces incl Army Telegraphs. (17).

LOT58 Fournier Forgery

Greece: 1861-1899 Nice range of Hermes imperfs used (6), then unused with coloured framelines (8), 1896 Olympics 10d brown, Postage Dues incl setenant blks of 6 unused imperf, surcharges x 12 on one piece. (48).

LOT59 Fournier Forgery

Heligoland: 1867 six different 'used' examples perf plus two postmarks on one piece. (8).

LOT60 Fournier Forgery

Hungary: 1871 Postal Envelopes 3kr green & 10kr blue both perforated insitu with further black perforation on left side of envelope.

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