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Postal Auction April 2019. 301 - 1: Catalogue

Tuesday 16th of April 2019 ,13:00:00 PO Box 228 Winsford CW7 9DG

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT21 Fournier Forgery

Costa Rica: Genuine stamps for overprinting with forged surcharges x eight plus six surch / ovpts on one piece. (13).

LOT22 Fournier Forgery

Crete: Russian Bureau imperf m & u (2) plus postmark, English Bureau stamp & postmark, Crete Admin (2), Austria surchs (2) on one piece plus 1pi surch on piece. (9).

LOT23 Fournier Forgery

Cuba: 1889-98 1p Curly head imperf block of 4 in green, three other values, then two pieces one with five different fancy surcharges, second with six numeral surcharges. (18).

LOT24 Fournier Forgery

Curacao: 1873-91 2½c surch on 10c, 25c & P. Due 40c all 'used' plus two cancels on one piece. (5).

LOT25 Fournier Forgery

Cyprus: 1858-61 Surcharges and overprints x seven different on one piece.

LOT26 Fournier Forgery

Dominican Rep: 1866-1881 including 1866-74 Arms x six diff singles, 1879 pairs (3 diff), 1900 perf issues (6), one surcharge, one postmark and 1881 1p gold imperf. (21).

LOT27 Fournier Forgery

Eastern Roumelia: 1881-5 Seven Ottoman issues imperf unused from 5pa to 5pi in different colours plus one postmark. Attr. (8).

LOT28 Fournier Forgery

Ecuador: 1865-66 Five early issues 'used' plus four postmarks on one piece & overprints / surcharges x nine different. (18).

LOT29 Fournier Forgery

Egypt: 1867 5pa imperf, 1872 x four different pyramids used, four surcharges on two pieces. (10).

LOT30 Fournier Forgery

Ethiopia: 1894-1902 Attractive lot including some big blocks, noted used singles and overprinted, postage dues, surcharges (39 diff), Lion & Flag in imperf unused blocks of 16 for three different values & blocks of 8 for three different values. (119).

LOT31 Fournier Forgery

Fiji: 1878 1s sepia-brown in a superb imperf sheet of 16 unused, plus VR surcharge & BO2 postmark. (18).

LOT32 Fournier Forgery

Finland: 1856 5k blue posthorn used, 1866 1m brown serpentine unused, local post 10 brown and blue, plus six different postmark on one piece. (9).

LOT33 Fournier Forgery

France: 1849-1920 Superb full page including 1849 1f Ceres used, Tete-beche unused pairs 15c, 40c & 1fr, 1853 Napoleon 1f red in tete-beche pair unused, Newspaper 1868 (2 diff), Postage Dues to 2fr, Telegraphs two imperf pairs plus forty odd postmarks on two large pieces etc. (71)

LOT34 Fournier Forgery

France Colonies: Country Issues superb collection 1892 including Peace & Commerce design 1f green on buff imperf setenant block of 30 (wrinkles) for thirty different countries Anjouan, Benin, Congo, Dahomey, Diego Suarez, Gabon, Comore, Guinea, Guyana, Moheli etc. Perf issues x 18 different incl surcharges, then twenty four different postmarks on one piece. Fantastic lot. (72).

LOT35 Fournier Forgery

France Colonies: General Issues superb collection 1859-1892 including Eagle defins 1c x 3 on one piece with coloured frames, 20c blue x 3 with coloured frames, Peace & Commerce 15c blue blk of 12, 20c red on green blk of 12, 25c black on buff imperf block of 12, 75c red block of 12, 1d green strip of 4, P. Dues to 5f (6 diff), Perf Peace & Commerce 25c & 35c in mint blks of 6, etc, scarce complete range from Fournier's book. (77).

LOT36 Fournier Forgery

French Colonies: Annan & Tonkin; 1881 fifteen Surcharges on one large piece in black plus three postmarks on one piece. (18).

LOT37 Fournier Forgery

French Colonies: Diego Suarez; 1890 setenant strip of 4 1c, 5c, 15c & 25c in corner marginal block of 8 unused.

LOT38 Fournier Forgery

French Colonies: Gabon; 1889 15c pane of 6 black on red paper unused, 25c black on green paper block of 6 unused, plus two postmarks, three of four overprints / surcharges. (18).

LOT39 Fournier Forgery

French Colonies: Guadeloupe; Postage Dues 1876 40c / 15c setenant blk of 4 black on blue, plus black on white blk of 6, two singles and several postmarks / overprints. (20).

LOT40 Fournier Forgery

French Colonies: Reunion; 1881-89 30c black on blue, setenant block of five different values, P.Dues x five different used. Pretty. (11).

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