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Postal Auction April 2019. 301 - 1: Catalogue

Tuesday 16th of April 2019 ,13:00:00 PO Box 228 Winsford CW7 9DG

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT1 Fournier Forgery

Albania: Double Eagle head overprint 1908-10 & BERAT CDS postmark. (2).

LOT2 Fournier Forgery

Alsace & Lorraine: 1870 1c, 2c, 4c unused, 5c, 10c, 20c & 25c used, plus thirteen postmarks on two long pieces. (20)

LOT3 Fournier Forgery

Angola: 1870-75 Crown type in various colours mainly as mint gummed pairs including 5r black, 20r pink, 20r bistre, 50r blue, 50r green, 300r bronze, 10r orange in a nice block of 4, plus three postmarks on two pieces. (25).

LOT4 Fournier Forgery

Argentina: 1858-1861 Confederation 5c red (one unused, one used), 10c & 15c unused. 1862 Confederation 5c (4), 10c (4), 15c (4), surcharges 1, 2, 8, 1884, ¼ and oficial (2), two postmarks. (25).

LOT5 Fournier Forgery

Australian states: Western Australia; Swan forgeries used for perf 2d, 4d, 6d & 1s values plus postmark and ½ surcharge. (6).

LOT6 Fournier Forgery

Austria: Newspaper Stamps 1851-58 Imperf strips of three for red or yellow Mercury design, two further pairs in blue or yellow then five postmarks on one piece. (18).

LOT7 Fournier Forgery

Azores: Surcharges on stamps of Portugal 1866-1880. Four overprints on one piece.

LOT8 Fournier Forgery

Belgian Congo: 1886-1894 5fr lilac in framed imperf single (2), vertical strip of 3, 1887 design 5fr in framed lilac, orange-brown and grey-green, large design 5f lilac framed blk of 4 plus three postmarks on one piece and two surchs on one piece. (17).

LOT9 Fournier Forgery

Belgium: 1866 1c lion imperf, 1869 5f red-brown in larger piece with matching coloured frame, 5f brown in a superb block of 6, 5f brown CDS used plus five postmarks on one piece. (14).

LOT10 Fournier Forgery

Bosnia & Herzegovina: 1906 Emperor 5k blue in imperf strip of five, 1910 Jubilee similar strip of five. (10).

LOT11 Fournier Forgery

Brazil: 1854-66 Small format imperfs 10r black, 20r black, 30r blue, 180r black & 300r black (perf), all 'used', Postage Dues in vertical strips of 4 or 5 tete-beche values 10d to 1000d red plus two postmarks on one piece. (16).

LOT12 Fournier Forgery

British East Africa: 1890-94 Light & Liberty imperf gummed marginal vertical block of 6, 5r green vertical strip of three, BEA ovpt on 2r used, various overprints and surcharges (10 diff) & one postmark. (21).

LOT13 Fournier Forgery

British Virgin Islands: 1866-67 1s black and red 'used' (2), One Penny green used. (3).

LOT14 Fournier Forgery

Buenos Aires: 1858 4p brown imperf marginal block of eight, nine singles & two postmarks on one piece. (19).

LOT15 Fournier Forgery

Bulgaria, South: Two Ottoman overprints 5pa & 20pa plus four Lion or framed Lion overprints on one piece. (6).

LOT16 Fournier Forgery

Cape of Good Hope: 1853-58 Triangles One Penny red imperf block of eight, 4d blue block of 4, 6d lilac pair, 1s green x 2 pairs, 1861 Woodblock One Penny strip of three, 4d blue strip of three, plus two Mafeking surcharges and one postmark. (27).

LOT17 Fournier Forgery

Ceylon: Surcharge overprints x six on one piece, wrinkles otherwise fine.

LOT18 Fournier Forgery

Chile: 1897 Postage Dues in setenant large sheets of 72 for 20c, 40c, 50c, 60c red on pale yellow plus second sheet of 72 for 100c, 80c & 1p, plus seven postmarks, one surcharge & three P.Due cancels. (155).

LOT19 Fournier Forgery

Colombia: 1863-65 Ten different perf and imperf values incl 1881 10c lilac Fee stamp plus five postmarks on one piece. (17).

LOT20 Fournier Forgery

Cook Islands: 1892 One Penny with part frame omitted, 10d red used, 2½d blue unused (3).

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