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Public Auction Renishaw April 2019. 299: Catalogue

Wednesday 3rd of April 2019 ,19:00:00 Sitwell Arms Hotel, 39 Station Road, Renishaw, S21 3WF

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT661 Great Britain

Collection in an GB album off pre-decimal from 1961 to Christmas 1970.

LOT662 Great Britain

Collection on leaves with useful including QV 1841 2d blue (5 mixed copies), 1841 1d red-brown (26), 1854-56 2d (2), 1870 ½d (6), surface printed to 1s, 1887 to 1s, EDVII to 2/6, 1924/25 Wembley both sets mint, GV Seahorses to 10s, 1939 square values 2/6, 5s & £1 mint, 1948 RSW set used, 1951 High values set of 4 mint, some better QEII to 1969 etc, useful lot.

LOT663 Great Britain

COLOUR TRIAL - EDVII one penny printed in blue on gummed wavy line watermarked paper imperf as printed by Bruckmann of Munich in 1913. Inside a Westminster folder, very interesting.

LOT664 Great Britain

Control and Cylinder number mint blocks of 6 or 9 neatly mounted mint on leaves with a nice run of approx 45 mainly all different plate numbers including 1941 1d pale red, 2d pale orange (13), 2½d pale blue (c31), mainly fine.

LOT665 Great Britain

Control and Cylinder number mint singles an extensive collection neatly mounted mint on leaves with a huge run of approx 200 mainly all different plate numbers including 1941 ½d pale green (6), 1d pale red (20), 1½d pale brown (8), 2d pale orange (43), 2½d pale blue (120+), mainly fine.

LOT666 Great Britain

Covers attractive Surface printed 1865 4d red small letters (hairlines) on cover to Paris (smudges) tied London W12 and PD in red oval alongside. 1866 4d red pl. 7 tied similar NW11 cancel to same addressee in Paris with ANGL. AMB CALAIS CDS's alongside. Nice duo. Cat £440 on cover.

LOT667 Great Britain

Covers attractive Surface printed 1868-9 Two Entire Letters incl 1868 bearing 4d red plate 9 PAIR tied LONDON EC 75 cancels to Paris with ANGL. AMB. CALAIS CDS and 1869 4d red plate 11 to Copenhagen. Both neat PD in red circle or oval. Fine. Cat £420.

LOT668 Great Britain

GANTON two KEVII postcards with very fine squared circle cancels, one is A SP 19 / 05 (with real photo of Ganton Hall) and the other AAP 12 / 08 (illustrated card for Silcock's Cakes and Meals from Ganton, with spike hole in centre). Assigned rarity factor 425 in the Handbook.

LOT669 Great Britain

GENERIC SHEETS - Collection of Limited Edition Stamp Sheets mainly with 10 1st Class NVI, noted 2011 India 1911 Durbar No.354 on 1911 sheets, Garden Birds No.57 of 1000, 2007 Falklands War No.298 of 500, 2010 Scott of the Antarctic No.269 of 375, 2010 Travelling Post Office No.277 of 750, 2010 Accession of GV No.263 of 1000, mostly fine, original costs around £24.95 each from Buckingham covers. (5).

LOT670 Great Britain

GENERIC SMILER SHEETS - Collection of Royal Mail Smiler sheets (mainly 10 or 20 1st Class NVI) including 2001 Greetings, 2007 Letter From The Front (20 x 1st), 2006 Paddington Bear (20 1st class), 2007 Memories of Wembley Stadium (20 1st Class), 2003 Christmas (20 1st Class), 2003 Christmas (20 1st & 20 2nd), 2005 Magic block of 25 1st Class cylinder sheet. Mainly fine. (115 1st class, 20 2nd class).

LOT671 Great Britain

Interesting accumulation in a smaller carton with QV to QEII including EDVII CDS examples on cards, Postage Dues controls mint, group of QV 1d plates on cover (11) & loose in env., 1880 1d venetian red part reconstruction (120 diff cat £1800), officials, Castles later printings in U/M blks of 4, 1934 Re-engraved 2/6 mint, 1948 RSW £1 U/M, some better 1960s P/Packs, 1925 Wembley set mint etc, useful range.

LOT672 Great Britain

Norwich: Postal History bundle of entire letters mainly with 1850s-60s 1d stars mostly plated in pencil from many different plates, codes on 575 cancels, mainly a correspondence to Wymondham, 36 items.

LOT673 Great Britain

OLD TIME Printed leaves with a jumbled and mixed assembly including 1840 1d black (2 margins), 1841 2d blue pair cancelled 905 numerals, 1858-64 1d plates run of different plates used, 1887 mint selection incl 2d, 2½d, 3d, 4d brown and green, 4½d, 9d (thinned) etc, useful pickings.

LOT674 Great Britain

Perfins: Collection on a stockpage of mainly higher values used including 1883 10s ultramarine nicely fine used with ANS perfin, 1884 6d green with HUTH perfin, 1887 values to 1s with DR, EB, GBL, AF, etc, EDVII 2/6 lilac x 6 for BB, DB, RBC, H&P, NBC PRL, 5s carmine A & C LD. GV Seahorses 2/6 x 5 with RN, H, SJ, MB, AP. Mostly sound nice assembly (21).

LOT675 Great Britain

Postage Dues: Small mainly fine used range noted SG D12, D16 (pair cat £90), D31, D51 pair, D54 pair. (9 stamps). STC £150.

LOT676 Great Britain

Postal History bundle of entire letters mainly with 1854-8 1d stars mostly plated in pencil from many different towns including Sheffield, Hull, Lynn, Cheltenham, good range of London (early pivot machine) including a correspondence to Lynn, Mississippi - Delphim manuscript to Falmouth etc, 25 items.

LOT677 Great Britain

QV-2016 Printed DAVO album with slipcase, includes spaces for modern miniature sheets, also back of the book including Officials with values used to 1s, Postage Dues modern sets used, regionals etc, mainly empty ideal for new project.

LOT678 Great Britain

QV-GVI Assembly on Hagner pages mainly used including 1854-58 2d star f.u., Surface printed 1s orange-brown pl.13 (clipped), 1856 4d rose carmine PAIR used, 2s blue used, 1s green pl.6 vfu CDS, 1887 to 1s, EDVII to 1s, 5s red perfin used, GV Seahorses 2/6 (2 diff), 5s red, 10s blue, 1924-25 Wembley sets mint, 1948 RSW set m, 1951 high value set used x 5, 10s ultramarine used x 49 + blk of 4, £1 brown x 11, 139-48 square high values set used x 2, 10s dark blue used x 2, etc, very mixed but high cat value.

LOT679 Great Britain

QV-QEII Useful group on stockcards including 1841 1d red imperf with No. 1 & No. 8 in MX cancels, 1856 surface printed onwards to 1s orange-brown pl.14, 1887 to 1s used incl nice CDS copies, EDVII set of 2 high values heavy used, various commems, 1939-48 square values set f.u., 1951 set to £1 f.u., 1858-64 1d plates ranges on leaves, postage dues, 1946 Victory set 2 in cylinder panes of 20,

LOT680 Great Britain

SHEETS for 1960s commems mainly as sets in full sheets unmounted mint for different issues noted 1966 Birds setenant blocks, Cathedral setenant blocks, Hastings, Anniversaries, Ghandi, Ships, various Christmas issues, Paintings, Flowers setenant sets, Concorde, Investiture, some 1967 Sterling values for 4d & 5d in sheets, etc, 100s.

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