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Public Auction Bowdon March 2019. 356: Catalogue

Monday 18th of March 2019 ,14:00:00 Bowdon Hotel, 5-7 Langham Road, Bowdon, Altrincham, WA14 2HT

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT741 Vatican City

1949 Air 75th Anniv. of UPU set of 2 to 1000l fine used nice CDS cancels, sound, SG 149/50 Cat £169.

LOT742 Vatican City

Old time collection on leaves mint and used with a useful assembly from 1852 Roman States issues to 1944. Includes better part ranges noted 1929 set, 1933 Holy Year set, 1933 long set including all the key values (cat £190), 1934 Surcharges 40c to 2l55 all very fine mint (Cat £770), 1935 Juridical set m (cat £296), Parcel Post 1931 set m, Express 1929 set m, Postage Due 1931 set mint (cat £105), 1936 Catholic Press set m (cat £140), 1938 Congress set m (cat £90), 1947 Air set m (Cat £60), 1949 long set (cat £180), etc, mainly fine condition throughout. STC £2200+.

LOT743 Yugoslavia

1918 Issues for Croatia 15f violet with white figures of value heavy mounted mint, key stamp Cat £100 SG 60. Expertised on reverse.

LOT744 Yugoslavia

1919-1947 Collection on old time leaves from an huge worldwide estate collection formed many years ago, Issues for Croatia 1918 almost complete set to 10k mint, Bosnia & Herz. 1918 surch set to 10k on 2h mainly mint, Slovenia Chainbreakers, Whole Kingdom 1921 set mint, good range of 1930s sets mint, 1939 King Petar long set m, 1946 Postal Congress set m, back of the book including postage dues Croatia 1f green to 50f mint (cat £175 SG D85/92), newspaper stamps, etc, good lot to fill those gaps! Useful catalogue value.

LOT745 Yugoslavia

1937-1962 Attractive written up collection on 7 album pages for Philatelic Exhibition special covers / cards, labels, FDCs, and overprints noted 1937 M/S mint (wrinkles), 1950 Dubrovnik illustrated special cover with Chess set cancelled special CDS's, another different illus cover with 15d tied (charged at 35d, 20d being the entrance fee) special cancel, similar 15d adhs tied on special postcard tied on obverse, Congress set of 4 on a another different illus. FDC, 1956 ZAGREB publicity label mint, 1956 FDC with 30d adhs tied special cancel, plus 15d in cto used booklet of 4, 1962/5 labels on covers. Very intr and attractive. Ex Eric Stannard. (8 covers).

LOT746 zanzibar

1897 (May) 1a red postal stationery card to Napoli tied with ZANZ BAR postmark (missing I from postmark slug), Aden transit CDS alongside. Mainly fine.

LOT747 zanzibar

1901 QV Revenue 1a lilac overprinted on India tied to printed document by ZANZIBAR GOVERNMENT / REGISTRATION OFFICE oval and fancy violet intaglio seal, folded and other faults incl toning or tears. Seldom seen. Barefoot 1.

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