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Public Auction Bowdon March 2019. 356: Catalogue

Monday 18th of March 2019 ,14:00:00 Bowdon Hotel, 5-7 Langham Road, Bowdon, Altrincham, WA14 2HT

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT721 United States

Large stock of unmounted mint sheet numbered marginal or corner marginal blocks of 4 from 1930s to 1970s hoarded in a shoebox, huge quantity of mainstream commems, some defins etc, good quantity in old glassine packets.

LOT722 United States

Newspapers & Periodicals: 1879 10c black hinged mint with heavy hinge remains and heavily thinned, centred right, presentable example, Scott PR 62 Cat $135.

LOT723 United States

Newspapers & Periodicals: 1885 48c carmine hinged mint with heavy hinge remains and heavily thinned, crease but mainly presentable example, Scott PR 85 Cat $425.

LOT724 United States

Occupation of Puerto Rico: 1899 Mint, unused and used range including 1899 1c & 8c used, 2c, 5c, 10c unused, 1900 1c & 2c m & u Postage Dues 2c & 10c mint part original gum, total cat £340. (9).

LOT725 United States

Officials: Department of State Scott O64, 1873 15c blue-green with a deep rich colour, part o.g. hinged mint, Fine. (Scott Retail $350)

LOT726 United States

Officials: War Department Scott O90, 1873 15c rose very fresh unmounted mint, (Never Hinged) and fine. Also Photocopy 2014 PF certificate for block of four from which this stamp originated, this being bottom left single. (Scott Retail $190).

LOT727 United States

Special Delivery: 1885 Flat printing 10c blue large part original gum with hinge mark, centred NE and left straight edge, few blunt perfs otherwise nice appearance, Scott E1 Cat $550.

LOT728 United States

US Postal Agency in Shanghai: 1919 12c on 6c red-orange very fine unmounted mint (never hinged), fine & well centred, Scott K6 Cat $220.

LOT729 United States

US Postal Agency in Shanghai: 1919 40c on 20c deep ultramarine very fine unmounted mint (never hinged), few gum bends otherwise very fine, Scott K13 Cat $300.

LOT730 United States

US Postal Agency in Shanghai: 1919 Small mint range incl 2c on 1c green, 6c on 3c (part og), 8c on 4c & 24c on 12c, mainly sound hinged mint, Scott K1, 3/4, 11. Cat $225.

LOT731 United States - Possessions

Collection mint & used in a binder on printed album leaves with some better including Cuba 1899 surchs on USA to 5c on 5c (mixed mint), P. Due 10c on 10c mint, Puerto Rico 1899 set 5 used, Philippine Islands 1899 1c to 5c, 15c mint, 50c orange used, 1903-04 13c mint, 15c used, 1917 vals to 4p mainly mint, 1932 surch set 2 mint, 1938 Commonwealth ovpt set to 5p mainly mint, 1933 air set m, etc, clean lot. STC $380+.

LOT732 United States - Possessions

Guam: 1899 Attractive range of five values heavy mounted mint for 1c green, 3c purple, 6c lake 8c violet-brown and 10c brown (straight edge), all nice lookers, Scott 1, 3, 6/8. Cat $455.

LOT733 United States - Possessions

Philippine Islands: 1940 Commonwealth overprint on 4p blue and black sound used with indistinct corner rubber CDS cancel, sound and key stamp, Scott 445 Cat $250.

LOT734 United States - Possessions

Philippines: 1899-1935 Attractive mint & used collection on Scott printed leaves with a good range noted 1899 1c to 50c mostly used, 15c is mint (short corner cat £50), 50c orange heavy used (cat £50), 1903 8 values to 50c orange used (short corner), 1906 18 values to 2p black & 2p purple-brown & 10p used (many values total cat £250++), etc, nice clean lot with good basis for expansion and STC £400+

LOT735 Uruguay

EXHIBITIONS 1927 Philatelic Exhibition Montevideo three different imperf miniature sheets of 4 in different colours depicting the new GPO building in Montevideo printed in by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. (3) Scarce. Ex Eric Stannard.

LOT736 Uruguay

EXHIBITIONS 1931 Philatelic Exhibition four different imperf miniature sheets of 4 in different colours depicting the first stamp issued design printed in Litho by Barreiro & Ramos. (4) Ex Eric Stannard.

LOT737 Uruguay

EXHIBITIONS 1965-1981 nine album pages for National & International Stamp Shows, covers with special Exhibition cancels, various cards and covers, miniature sheets, 1965 Montevideo pane of 10 in special sheetlet mint, 1977 limited edition sheets (3), etc. Attractive and interesting lot. Ex Eric Stannard.

LOT738 Uruguay

Extensive mint and mainly used duplicated stock of defins and commems from earlier to modern. An enormous quantity of many nice pictorial issues fine used, a scattering of mint / unmounted mint for each issue, officials, large range of Artigas defins, from first imperfs etc, 1000s.

LOT739 Uruguay

Six Approval books from USA with a good collection of many different defins and commems, mint and used with some catalogued up to $10 per page many years ago. Nice range.

LOT740 Vatican City

1935 Int. Juridical Congress set of six mounted mint, hinged, SG 41.46 Cat £296.

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