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Public Auction Bowdon 2018. 355: Catalogue

Friday 28th of December 2018 ,14:00:00 Bowdon Hotel, 5-7 Langham Road, Bowdon, Altrincham, WA14 2HT

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT681 United States

1934-37 Airmail plate blocks of 6 for 1935 25c blue, 1937 20c green & 50c carmine mainly fine never hinged, Scott C20/22. Cat $202.

LOT682 United States

1940'S US Army Post office with passed by censor cover to USA.

LOT683 United States

1960's Seven Apollo and Gemini covers with autographs of astronauts some may be pre-printed. Includes certificate of authenticity United States Lunar Mission-Apollo 15 1971 that signatures of Colonel James B. Irwin, Alfred Worden and David R. Scott are genuine.

LOT684 United States

1988-1994 Official First Day Covers collection in 4 special binders with nice collection of approx 160 different each with printed information on reverse about each stamp, and with FDI cancels. Attractive lot.

LOT685 United States

1990's A selection of approx. thirty-five covers with cancels but no addresses, includes Rock & Roll issue with Elvis Presley stamp.

LOT686 United States

1998-2000 Celebrate the century 9 out of 10 sheets unmounted mint for 1990s to 1980s, mainly fine, one has bend others sound, just needs the last one 1990s to complete. (9 Sheets). Scott 3182/3190.

LOT687 United States

A selection of approx. three-hundred unused postcards includes World Scout Jamboree 1967, weather services 1970 and includes one aerogrammes.

LOT688 United States

Four albums containing 100s, a lot to sort.

LOT689 United States

Modern unmounted mint and self adhesive panes in a carton in various binders with many modern issues from 1980s onwards, good range to 2000s including, Animal Rescue, New Year, Super Hero panes, American Indian Dances, Celebrate The Century sheets, Bats, Wonders of America, Hollywood Stars, etc, useful face value.

LOT690 United States

Parcel Post: 1913 1c carmine-rose to 25c & 75c mainly all hinged mint, 4c & 20c appear unmounted (never hinged) mainly sound and fine, Scott Q1/9, Q11 Cat $670.

LOT691 United States

Post Offices in China: 1919 10c on 5c a superb left margin sheet numbered 9118 fine unmounted mint (never hinged), Scott K5.

LOT692 United States

Post Offices in China: 1919 6c on 3c violet fine hinged mint, Scott K3.

LOT693 United States

Post Offices in China: 1919 8c on 4c brown fine hinged mint, Scott K4.

LOT694 United States

Unmounted mint group of sheetlets for various modern issues including self-adhesive, noted Lighthouses, Youth Sports, Bright Eyes, Endangered species, Dinosaurs, Classic Movie Monsters, Aircraft, Insects, Civil War, Baseball, Songwriters, Women in journalism etc, useful group. (32).

LOT695 United States

USS Covers mainly from the 1940s-1990s jumbled collection of all different printed and or illustrated covers from a wide range of Navy ships (approx 190 different), more interesting incl War Games, multi cacheted, multi combination stamps, a few overseas issues etc, colourful and interesting range in a flat box.


Epreuve De Luxe attractive range of post independence issues (17 different) each as a imperf matt or glossy card 13 x 10cm for mainly 1970s-80s issues including values to 300f, nice thematics incl Zeppelin airships, football etc. (17).

LOT697 Uruguay

1940's A selection of six covers addressed to the United States. Includes registered cover with various stamps and cancels.

LOT698 Venezuela

1940's A selection of eleven covers addressed to the United States, with various stamps and cancels.

LOT699 Yugoslavia

1918-1936 Old time collection on Ideal printed leaves with much useful material including SHS overprints to 1k mint, on Bosnia ovpts (7 mint), Chainbreakers to 40v m & u, 1920 Chainbreakers , 1920s defins and commems to top values mint, unused or used, etc, mainly sound. (175).

LOT700 zanzibar

1896 Specimen overprint on 10 different values ½a to 1r (surface rubbing) unused mostly without gum, some tropicalisation, mainly sound and fine appearance, SG 156s/7s, 159s, 161s, 162s, 164s/5s, 167s, 169s.

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