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Public Auction December 2018. 296: Catalogue

Wednesday 5th of December 2018 ,19:00:00 Sitwell Arms Hotel, 39 Station Road, Renishaw, S21 3WF

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LOT761 Great Britain

1967 Book containing 32 covers relating to Shetland and Lerwick. Includes Queen Elizabeth II covers with local postmarks includes Petlar, Lerwick and Bridge of Walls. Ideal opportunity to obtain rare cancels.

LOT762 Great Britain

1968 Fourteen covers with Queen Elizabeth 2d lake brown addressed to Birmingham 11 with 2d black postage due two with 1d postage due and other 1d more to pay cachet plus three fronts with 2d postage due and two other covers 1960+1964.

LOT763 Great Britain

1968 MOBILE POST OFFICE - (22 May) Stafford Agri Show, bearing Wilding 5d brown pairs x 4 each tied MOBILE POST OFFICE C cds cancels, plus Registered etiquette with similar MPO CDS, philatelic use from a postmark collector, seldom seen. (1).

LOT764 Great Britain

1969 Investiture Harrison & Sons Ltd printed presentation card with set of 5 affixed to the card by neat hinges with a nice printed write up about the production of each stamp, these were issued by Harrison & Sons who printed these folded cards as pre-issue publicity or presentation purposes so small numbers were prepared and distributed, ex John Harley Harrisons archivist.

LOT765 Great Britain

1971-2012 Attractive mint and unmounted mint collection with a good degree of completion in Lindner hingeless printed album with most commem sets u/m for 1971 to 1983, then 2012 Olympic Gold Winners sets of 29 for Olympic Games 1st class NVI & Paralympic Games set of 34 1st NVI. Clean lot.

LOT766 Great Britain

2002-2007 Benham large Smiler Sheets tied to special oversized sheets by illustrated cancels includes 2007 Glorious Wales Numbered 013 of 250 two different cancels, and 2002 Christmas 12 x 1st class adhesive pane tied to limited No.11 of 400. Fine.

LOT767 Great Britain

2017 HM 65th Anniv. of Accession First Day Cover of £5 high value definitive in the same design as original 1977 issue tied special Windsor 6-2-2017 cancel, unaddressed Benham limited edition to 750 FDCs. Fine.

LOT768 Great Britain

A selection of approx. 45 Queen Victoria covers and wrappers, including 1d pinks, 1900 Trowbridge squared circle, 1899 Halifax with ½d vermilion and 1880 Leeds Duplex.

LOT769 Great Britain

A selection of approx. fifty covers, postcards and wrappers. Includes ½d and 3d on cover to Germany, 1907 Broadstairs Station cancel on ½d green, NT machine cancel on cover to Prussia very good postmark interest.

LOT770 Great Britain

A selection of approx. fifty covers, postcards and wrappers. Includes ½d green on unposted cover to Newcastle, 1916 postal stationery 3d on registered Norwood cover, mixed selection with various stamps and good postmark interest.

LOT771 Great Britain

A selection of approx. fourteen Queen Victoria covers and pieces with 1d lilacs includes 1886 mourning cover and 1895 Manchester 498 with Clitheroe back stamp.

LOT772 Great Britain

A selection of approx. seventy-five covers and postcards from World War I and II with Field Post Office, on Active Service and passed by Censor cancels. Some with stamps.

LOT773 Great Britain

A selection of fifteen covers and entires. Some are after 1840 put have mileage marks. Includes 1850 entire from Inland Revenue, 1846 Entire Bradford to Leeds, 1810 boxed Dumfries to Kirhcudbright, 1852 entire from Uttoxeter & Ashbourn Bank. Also a number of letters circa 1824.

LOT774 Great Britain

A selection of ten Queen Elizabeth II postal stationery including reply cards and postcards. Plus eight 1975 used Robert Burns air letters and six QEII 1950's covers.

LOT775 Great Britain

A selection of twenty-six covers and postcards includes eighteen addressed to Austria. Includes 1933 postcard of Buckingham Palace with PUC ½d green, some interesting slogan postmarks.

LOT776 Great Britain

Binder with QV to modern mint and used ranges on leaves mainly mainstream incl 1858-64 1d plates range almost complete 71 to 224 with many nice fine used copies, GV duplicated defins to 2/6 (2), 5s (3), 1924 Wembley set f.u., etc, good quantity.

LOT777 Great Britain

Book containing approx. 45 covers and postcards containing British Postal Stationery. Includes Queen Victoria 1d brown postcards, King Edward VII embossed covers, Q.V. ½d cards with Edinburgh 131 Duplexes and QEII 46th Parliamentary Conference air letters.

LOT778 Great Britain

Booklets: 1935 3s red on buff booklet complete with usual trimmed or straight edges on the panes, No. 297, mainly fine. SG BB28 Cat £90.

LOT779 Great Britain

Booklets: 1935 Silver Jubilee 2s (some trimmed perfs along bottom) No. 304 & 3s (all panes are fine but last pane is trimmed) No. 297, very fine, Cat £180 SG BB16 & BB28.

LOT780 Great Britain

Collection on Imperial printed leaves with a useful assembly including 1840 1d black (2), 2d blue (2), 1841 2d blue (2), 1854-58 2d stars (4), 1858-79 plates run mostly complete to 224, 2d blue plates complete (7), 1870 ½d bantam plates complete except for pl.9, 1870 1½d both, Surface printed 1856 4d & 6d, 4d vermilion plates run 8-14, 3d rose plate run 5-9, 6d mauve pl 8 & 9, 9d straw pl.4 wing margin (perf faults), 1s green to plate 7, 1867 Wmk MX pl.1 5s rose used, 2½d rosy-mauve mostly complete used, 2½d blue complete, 3d rose complete, 6d grey complete, 1s green complete, 4d sage-green (2), 8d orange (poor), 1s orange-brown (2), 1880 surch pair and 1880 Indigo set used, 1883 2/6 )2), 5s rose (2) & 10s ultr, nice CDS but corner damaged, EDVII to 10s used, GV to 10s used etc, very mixed but enormous catalogue value and useful pickings throughout.

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