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Public Auction Bowdon October 2018. 354: Catalogue

Monday 29th of October 2018 ,14:00:00 Bowdon Hotel, 5-7 Langham Road, Bowdon, Altrincham, WA14 2HT

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A collector's clearout of world wide on leaves, pages, albums and loose including much useful throughout noted Belgium mint, Switzerland, N. Rhodesia 1946 Victory 1½d p.13 in bottom plate blk of 12 (2), Finland local handstamp cancels, Hungary M/S (STC €250), Surinam nice mint colln, Bavaria & Schleswig colln on leaves, Australian states, world in an old time binder, Middle East on stockpages, Persia imperfs blocks, Newfoundland colln (STC £500), few covers and cards, intr sorter lot.


A mint and used world range on leaves with some useful noted St Helena GVI Ship set mainly mint incl 3d blue, Iceland, Jamaica, Luxembourg, Nyasaland incl 1938 to 5s mint, Ascension GVI to 5s m & u, etc, unusual mix of countries.


A world accumulation of ex-auctions lots and other better material including 1979 Year of the Child colln of 115 FDCs, Israel decent 1950 to 1988 u/m tabbed coll in 3 printed hingeless Lindner albums, France 1960-1975 extensive colln mainly u/m, Argentina Stockbook containing u/m 1940s-1950s mainly in blocks of 4, Faroe Is. 1975-89 f.u. stock, French Togo u/m coll in a well filled stockbook as sets 1967-1987 incl many nice high face values airs, commem sets, and many thematics, STC £760, Cyprus 1971-79 Double U/M & f.u. colln, United Nations 1951-1987 Extensive mint, U/M & f.u. colln on Schaubek printed leaves, Russia FDCs, etc, useful lot with good value and low start price.


A world collection in a large stockbook with interesting throughout including Guatemala, Sudan Arab postman to 20p, Luxembourg, Russia duplicated earlier including 1902-05 (with thunderbolts) 3r50 grey and black (c27 Cat £405), 7r yellow & black used (c25 cat £475), Br. Honduras EDVII duplicated values, strange mix of countries, intr lot.


Accumulation in a BOX including History of WWII coin covers collection, binder of world, various loose in packets, on and off paper, Australia on paper pictorials, GB FDCs and in packets, world & Philippines in large stockbooks, 1000s to sort.


Accumulation in a BOX with worldwide ranges in stockbooks, some loose, Australia on paper, packets, cards, GB incl FDCs, etc, interesting mix, 1000s.


Accumulation of worldwide including collections in albums and binders, some better noted Belgium, Greece, Fr. Colonies, Germany in a stockbook, Guernsey u/m sets in stockbook, China, Japan, USA, Cape of Good Hope triangles 4d blue & 6d lilac (pen cancel), Denmark, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Austria, Spain colln 1950-1976 almost complete used in loose-leaf printed album etc, heavy BOX.


ALL WORLD accumulation in a BOX with worldwide ranges in stockbooks, some loose, Australia on paper, packets, cards, GB incl FDCs, etc, interesting mix, 1000s.


BOX containing a world range including Br. C/Wealth duplicated stock in stockbook incl Hong Kong & Singapore, Japan FDCs from 1970-1972, Korea on leaves in a binder incl 1946 5w & 10w mint (cat £46), South & Central America from imperfs, China in small stockbook, Malta collection mint & used in springback album, various loose in packets, GB FDCs, on and off paper etc, sorter lot.


BOX containing a world range including various loose in packets, GB FDCs, on and off paper, incl Poland in a binder, Germany, nice Isle of Man collection both u/m & used to 1991, stockbook with GB P.Dues to £1 mint, 1924 Wembley set mint, Australia GV to modern mint ranges incl 6d brown Roo, Jersey incl 1969 set u/m, vals to £5 u/m incl sets in stockbook, GB QEII Collection mainly mint, NZ used stock in a dealer stockbinder, etc. 100s.


BOX with a world accumulation noted USA modern sheets and souvenir sheets U/M, loose in packets, on and off paper, GB FDCs including 18 1973 County Cricket covers 100 Years some with special cancels, club books with Australia, shoebox of stockcards with duplicated Rwanda and Tunisia thematic sets mint, Germany 1996-2001 U/M colln in Lighthouse hingeless album, etc, intr sorter.


British Africa balance of a large Imperial album with smaller country ranges on printed leaves mint and used to GV including Zanzibar, Zululand, Transvaal, Swaziland, Tanganyika, SWA incl officials, S. Nigeria, N. Nigeria, Orange Free State, etc, useful group to fill those gaps.


British Africa collection on large amount of leaves in a heavy springback album incl QV to 1960s mint, U/M & used, noted Br. S.Africa, Rhodesia 1893 4/- pair used cat £110), 1896 ovpts 1d & 4d used, Basutoland 1937 Coron. FDC, 1938 to 10/- used, 2/6 m, 1961 set to R1 m, 1961 surcharges incl diff types m, Bechuanaland incl ovpt inv. var (forged), 1938 mint vals to 5/- (2), 1961 surch m incl pairs with wide and narrow date m, 1961 set m, QV P/S cards (3), Botswana, Cape of Good Hope 4d blue triangle f.u., 1902 PASSED PRESS CENSOR cvr to UK, 1904 1d rose QV P/S env uprated EDVII 1d carmine plus 4 other P/S cards un, Lesotho, Natal, ORC, Swaziland incl 1961 surchs mint, 1961 set to R2 m, 1962 set m, Transvaal, Zululand etc, also some intr covers and P/S cards, odd mixed but mainly sound, high cat value in excess of £1300.


British Commonwealth a useful and valuable collection for countries Aden to Bahamas in a ring binder mint and used on leaves mainly GVI to QEII with better noted including Aden 1939-48 set m (cat £120), 1951 Surch set m (cat £85), 1953 set 25 to both 20s mint (cat £160), Hadhramaut issues 1942 set (cat £70), 1949 RSW, 1951 surch set used (cat £75), 1955 set m, Antigua 1938 set m (cat £130), 1953-62 set m (cat £85), Ascension 1922 ovpt set minus 3s (cat £200), 1924-33 set 12 to 3s m (cat £350), 1934 set (cat £120), 1938 14 vals to 5s mint, 1956 set m (cat £140), 1963 Birds set f.u. (cat £55), Bahamas 1942 Columbus set mint (cat £80, 3d shows blob in C unlisted variety), 1948 Tercent. set m (cat £75), Barbados etc, clean lot with huge catalogue value in excess of £2000.


British Commonwealth a useful and valuable collection for countries Canada to Cyprus in a ring binder mint and used on leaves mainly GVI to QEII with better noted including Cape of Good Hope triangle 4d blue (2), 6d lilac, defins to 5s used, Ceylon incl QV 8d, 9d, 1s (2) & 2s perf issues, GV to R5, 1935 to R1 mint, Cyprus from QV-EDVII to 2pi m & u, GV to 4pi incl 1924-28 to 45pi, 1928 50th Anniv. set to 45pi mint (cat £127), 1934 set 11 used (cat £170), 1938 set used (cat £55), 1948 RSW set m (cat £60), 1955 set used (cat £75), 1960 set used (cat £95), hereon good range of sets to later etc, useful catalogue value and clean lot.


British Commonwealth accumulation in a carton in various albums, stockbooks and on leaves including better country sections for Gilbert & Ellice Is. GVI set to 5s m, 1948 RSW sets both m & u, 1956 set m, Dominica 1954 to $2.40 m, nice commem sets, Egypt, Falkland Is., India on Hagners in a binder from QV to modern m & u, Stamp Centenary collection of mint / u/m blocks and neatly arranged in a well filled springback album, S. Africa FDCs in cover album, Tanzania duplicated U/M stock of miniature sheets incl Chess thematics, Gibraltar mint colln in loose-leaf printed album etc, 100s.


British Commonwealth accumulation in a carton with some better including South Africa GV to modern mint & used, Transvaal, Grenada useful QEII collection in a well filled springback, Gambia useful collection on leaves QV to QEII incl QV to 1s, EDVII 1902 set 12 to 3s mint (cat £250), 1922 to 1s, 1938 set to 10s used, 1948 RSW used, 1953 set 15 m (cat £110), 1963 Birds set mint (cat £85), Fiji colln, Tonga modern sets in a well filled album, Gibraltar mainstream collection in a DAVO printed album incl 1889 to 1p used, 1903 2s & 4s used, 1938 to £1, 1948 RSW set used, 1953 set to £1 used, 1960 set used, Ghana / Gold Coast collection in a well filled binder, 1935 Silver Jubilee used ranges in a stockbook etc, 100s, huge catalogue value, clean lot.


British Commonwealth accumulation in a heavy carton in various albums, stockbooks and loose noted nice Queen Mother omnibus colln u/m in two albums, Australia used colln in Seven Seas album, 1937 Coronation sets mint omnibus, Burma, S. Africa in large stockbook, various on stockcards, Falkland Is. commem sets m etc, 100s.


British Commonwealth accumulation including Lesotho 1960s defins in mint / u/m blks of 4, Churchill omnibus issues, S. Africa homelands nice FDCs in cover album, Malta 1938-1982 mainly mint / unmounted mint in a printed loose-leaf album plus QV range of ½d buff diff printings (7), attractive mainly mint Cyprus collection QV to 1975 to mainly middle values but neatly presented in springback, British West Indies on leaves incl fine used GVI/QEII, Australia nice 1980s postal stationery collection of fine used or unused envelopes, NZ mint stock in binder, Sudan useful on leaves to 20p, Pitcairn Is. QEII collection with useful cat value etc, 100s.


British Commonwealth Accumulation of better collections in a heavy carton including much useful noted Tristan Da Cunha 1952-1983 Mint or u/m colln with high degree of completeness in well filled album including 1952 set to 10/- mint, 1954 vals to 2/6, 5/-, 10/- mint, 1960 set to 10/- mint, 1961 vals to 1r mint, 1963 Resettlement set m, 1965 set to £1 m, 1972 Plants set to £1 m, 1970s onwards mainly u/m to 1983 plus sets f.u., 1978 Coronation M/S in 21 uncut panes of 4 in special album, Cocos (Keeling) Is. 1963-1991 Extensive mainly u/m colln in Lighthouse hingeless album, S. Africa 1937 Coronation. Specialised collection of FDC's, St Kitts 1903-1978 colln on leaves with nice mint and used assembly of sets and part sets incl 1903 2½d mint, 1905 14 vals to 1/- mint incl extras, 1921-29 set of 16 to 5/- plus extras mint, 1923 Tercent set of 10 to 2/6 mint, 1938 to 6d m, 1963 set u/m, Gibraltar colln in a S/B mint and used with better QV to modern incl 1935 SJ set m, 1938 2/- m, 1953 defin set to £1 LMM, 1967 Ships set to £1 U/M, 1977 set to £5 U/M, Christmas Is. 1958-1991 mainly u/m colln, Australia (STC £600) 1953-1984 Unmounted mint sets in a stockbook etc, useful and high catalogued lot.

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