Postal Auction July 2024 - 346

Bids to be received by Monday 15th of July 2024 1:00 PM

Lots (1497)

Lot 1

A large and small plastic storage box with a collection of GB FDC's to about 2012, GB QE2 pre decimal mint collection in S/B plus the smaller box with a mix of all World on and off paper.

Estimate £ 40.00
Lot 2

Aden to Austria - all periods mint and used collection in well filled springback album, very mixed includes country sections for Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antigua, Argentina, Australia incl GV Roos to 5s, with dozens of defins and commems, Austria defins and commems etc, large qty mostly all different (c3040).

Estimate £ 80.00
Lot 3

British Commonwealth errors and varieties group of stockcards with modern varieties on original purchase cards includes Anguilla 1967 3c used with wmk inverted var, 1982 Commonwealth Games ovpt without S variety (3), Nauru 1973 Birds imperf blk of 4 or pairs (11 items), Jamaica grossly misplaced colour, Montserrat double OHMS ovpts (3), useful and interesting group.

Estimate £ 275.00
Lot 4

British Commonwealth - Extensive QEII mint collection in an overfull ledger album with approx. 3400 all different stamps with better pickings, noted Gambia 1965 Independence set, Gilbert & Ellice Is., Gold Coast, Grenada, Guyana, Hong Kong 1963 FFH U/M, 1966 Churchill set, 1967 UNESCO, 1968 Year Monkey, 1969 Year Cock, 1970 Year Dog (all U/M), 1974 Arts M/S, 1975 Festivals M/S, India 1955 Five Year Plan vals to 10r mint, Ireland, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mauritius, Tangier, New Hebrides, PNG, etc, 1000s.

Estimate £ 340.00
Lot 5

British Commonwealth - Extensive QEII mint collection in an overfull ledger album with approx. 3800 all different stamps with better pickings, noted St Helena, St Lucia, St Vincent, Samoa, Seychelles, Sierra Leone vals to £1, die cut self adhesives, Singapore 1971 Satellite setenant blk of 4, 1971 Art set, 1973 Games M/S, South Africa, Swaziland, Tonga incl die cut foil sets, Tristan Da Cunha, BVI, Zanzibar etc, 1000s.

Estimate £ 380.00
Lot 6

British Commonwealth Large stockbook all periods mint and used collection for Cyprus noted QV-EDVII to 2pi, GV to 18pi, 1938 to 45pi mint, to 90pi used, Morocco Agencies, Gibraltar QV for different issues to 2p unused, mint or used, 1889 1p bistre f.u., 1898 6d & 1s used, 1903 6d mint (cat £42), 1906 6d used, Malta incl 1863-81 ½d yellow-buff used (6), QV 5s rose cds used (Cat £95), 1899 2/6 & 10s part o.g. mint (Cat £160), GV to 2/6 used, dozens of commems. Approx 1800.

Estimate £ 225.00
Lot 7

British Commonwealth Large stockbook all periods mint and used collection for Fiji, New Guinea with good selection of Bird of Paradise to 1s, officials to 9d, Tokelau, Papua Lakatois incl 2d on 1½d John Ash single imprint, South Australia tall issues to 2/6 used, Tasmania, Tonga, Samoa mint with dozens of commem sets. Approx 1000.

Estimate £ 150.00
Lot 8

British Commonwealth: Maritime cancels on stamps QV to QEII on leaves with more interesting noted incl S. Leone 2½d with Liverpool Packet CDS plus QV-EDVII with Paquebot CDS's, St Vincent with Southampton Ship Letter CDS (2), Dominica Posted on Board boxed h/s, Barbados with M/S Colombia, plus 6d Seahorse with Deutsches CDS, 1925 1d seahorse with New York Paquebot, Niger Coast QV 1d (2) with Paquebot CDS, Marseilles cancels on Seychelles, Tanganyika, Paquebot on Malayan states, Macau on HK 10c blue, Loose Ship Letter Papua, Packet on NZ, Hong Kong CDS on India on paper, Tenyo on HK, Tayo on HK, etc, intr lot. (126).

Estimate £ 250.00
Lot 9

EUROPA - Useful unmounted mint collection with all the key sets including Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Spanish Andorra etc neatly laid out in a stockbook by year, 100s.

Estimate £ 160.00
Lot 10

Large filing box with good amount of World, GB, Commonwealth & Channel Islands off paper mint and used in separate shoe boxes plus few earlier GB Presentation packs, etc,... Well worth checking

Estimate £ 60.00
Lot 11

MIXED BOX, a worldwide sorter lot with 1000s loose, in packets, envelopes, odd stockbook, old time BR. C/Wealth club book remainders, small old time albums incl Lincoln. Good sorter.

Estimate £ 50.00
Lot 12

Propaganda Forgeries: Liquidation of Empire St Lucia & Singapore vertical setenant gutter pairs for five George Sixth values ½d, 1d, 1½d, 2d & 2½d on wavy line watermarked paper, all unused except 1½d which has violet CDS's, very fine group of five pairs, Michel 9 IV a / 13IV a, & 9 IVb / 13 IV b. Cat €1400. Only 400 sets made, very scarce in setenant pairs.

Estimate £ 650.00

Lots (1497)